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Towards a smart and collaborative      Dr. Hedi Haddad         920
                  8.                 private buses transportation system
                                     for Dhofar University students
                                     Synthesis and characterization of      Dr. Mazhar Ul          1200
                                     bacterial celluloses from coconut      Islam
                                     water; an economically feasible bio-
                                     medical product
                                     Agribot: the automatic planting        Dr. Najam Ul           2200
                  10.                system in Oman'                        Hasan

                                     Manufacturing of Drop Tower Impact  Dr. Furqan                1600

                  11.                Testing Machine for Industrial and     Ahmad
                                     Aerospace Applications'
                                     Desalination of the spring water in    Dr. Said Grami         2400

                  12.                Dhofar region using Renewable
                                     Fabrication of Nanostructured          Dr. Gowhar             2400
                                     Porous CuO Composite Materials for     Naikoo
                                     Energy Storage Devices Super
                                     The process of leadership              Dr. Rabia Imran        1000
                                     emergence: an empirical
                                     Investigation in the private service
                                     sector of Oman
                                     Study behaviors: comparing peer        Dr. Mohammed           1800
                                     mentoring and study                    Hamdoun
                                     Corporate social responsibility of     Prof. Ramzi            1000
                                     Omani university students:             Nasser
                                     predictors, priorities, and importance
                                     for job decisions

                                     Synthesis and characterization of      Dr. Wasi Ahmad          912
                                     Iron Oxide Nano-particles for the
                                     magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)
                                     contrast agents
                                                                                        Total     26, 972

               7.2. Annual National Research Forum by TRC

               As a part of its vision to promote research culture within the sultanate, TRC organized the ‘3
               Annual National Research Forum’ on 5  October, 2016. More than 400 scientists, researchers
               and innovators participated in the event. The faculty members having ORG projects were invited
               from all HEIs to participate in the event.  The details of participation from DU are tabulated visa
               Table 9.

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