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7. TRC Related Activities
               7.1 Projects Submitted to The Research Council (TRC) during the Academic Year

              During the AY 2016-17, due to the economic conditions of the country and budget constraints,
              TRC  stopped  accepting  new  applications  for  the  Open  Research  Grant  (ORG).  So  no  new
              submissions  were  recorded.  However,  8  new  applications  were  submitted  to  TRC  for  Faculty
              mentored Undergraduate Research Award Program (FURAP). 6 out of 8 applications worth 9050
              OMR were approved by TRC. For FURAP Call 5, 17 new applications were submitted to TRC in April,
              2017. The details of newly approved projects is tabulated via Table 6, whereas, all ongoing projects
              are shown in Table 7. The submitted projects are tabulated via Table 8.

                                  Table 6: TRC Projects Approved during AY 2016-17
                         Type of
                 No.                                 Title                   Faculty Mentor      Requested
                                     Students’  attitude  towards  voluntary  Dr. Reem
                 1.                                                                                1200
                                     services: A study of Dhofar University  Abuiyada
                                     Ad-hoc  remotely  controlled  rover  Dr. Manaf
                 2.                                                                                2400
                                     system                                 Zghaibeh
                                     Surface modified Gd2O3 nanoparticles  Dr. Md. Wasi
                 3.                  for Magnetic Resonance Imaging(MRI)  Ahmad                    1850
                                     contrast agents
                                     Synthesis  of  bacterial  cellulose  facial  Dr. Mazhar Ul
                 4.                  masks  for  industrial  and  medical  Islam                   1700
                                     Designing  a  high  performance  work  Dr. Rabia Imran
                                     system:  A  key  step  towards  building
                 5.                                                                                1000
                                     employee  engagement  in  the  health
                                     The  prevalence  of  internet  addiction  Dr. Shanker
                 6.                                                                                1250
                                     among youth in Oman                    Menon

                                              Table 7: Ongoing TRC Projects
                         Type of                                                 Principal        Amount
                 No.                                 Title
                       Application                                             Investigator      Approved
                                     Improved  Design  Parabolic  Trough
                                     Collector   for    Electric    Power  Dr. Said Grami         78,250
                 1.                  Generation
                          ORG        Natural Fractures Reactivation and its
                                                                            Dr. Fethi Abbassi     145,700
                                     impact on Enhanced Oil Recovery
                                     Towards  the  Future  Dhofar  Smart  Dr. Abdulkader
                 2                                                                                118,200
                                     Power Grid                             Dekdouk

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