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3    IoT* Role in smart cities   Prof  Abdul- DU            American          03/01/2017
                                                   Rahman  Al- Academic       University of
                                                   Ali           Staff        Sharjah
                  4    Writing  and  Submitting  Dr.  Israr  Ul  DU           Dhofar             30/03/2017
                       your FURAP Proposal         Hassan/ Ms.  Academic      University
                                                   Sarah Iqbal    Staff

                                      Figure 7: Seminars by Prof. Dr. med. Simmet

               4.3. Strategic and Operational Plan for Research

               As specified in the operational and strategic plan of DU, the DR with the support of URB, DQA
               and  the  DVC,  worked  tirelessly  to  achieve  following  objectives  to  promote  quality  Research
               across the University:

               1.  Strengthen Environment for Research Activities:
                   -  50% increase in the Research budget as compared to AY 2015-16.
                   -  Promoting the faculty members to publish their Research work in quality journals that
                       resulted  in  increased  number  of  publications  in  Scopus  and  Web  of  Science  indexed
                       journals by 2 folds.
                   -  Increase in incentives given to faculty members for their quality Research papers.
                   -  Organized seminars and events for improving Research skills.
                   -  Conducted  and  organized  seminars  to  create  awareness  regarding  policies  related  to

               2.  Provide an Environment Conducive to Consultancy Services:
                   -  Presentations to motivate faculty members to take part in Consultancy activities.
                   -  Approval and signing of one consultancy agreements with local agencies.

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