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Table 2: Research Focus Areas in CCBA
                 S.No        Research Focus Area                        Research Focus Topic
                        Entrepreneurship                  Entrepreneurship and innovation
                  2.    Accounting, Finance &             Omani  Economy  and  Globalization,  Efficacy  of
                        Economics                         Microfinance  and  Cooperative Movement  (Qabila
                                                          system) for sustainable development
                  3.    Management & Marketing            Human  capital  development,  Development  of
                                                          tourism industry in Oman
                  4.    Management Information
                                                          Could Computing, Social Media

                                         Table 3: Research Focus Areas in CAAS

                 S.No         Research Focus Area                        Research Focus Topic
                  1.    Autonomous Monitoring Systems  Large  scale  Wireless  Sensor  Networks,  Wireless
                                                           communications  for  distributed  and  intelligent
                                                           networks,  Intelligent  Monitoring,  Autonomic
                                                           Network Management, Geo-simulations

                  2.    Big Data Analytics                 This Research area addresses Research challenges
                                                           in Big Data domain. The big data group at DU is
                                                           working both in the applications of Big Data and in
                                                           underpinning technologies and concepts.

                  3.    Health Care (Cancer)               The  aim  of  this  group  is  develop  strategies  to
                                                           establish cancer Research at DU. In the long run,
                                                           main  focus  areas  shall  be  diagnosis,  prognosis,
                                                           treatment selection, and treatment aims.
                  4.    Youth Leadership                   Youth Leadership

                  5.    Family Cohesion                    Family  Structure,  Divorce,  Elderly  Care  and
                                                           Interaction between family members

                  6.    Use of Technologies for            Use of Technologies for Education and Learning
                       Education and Learning

                  7.    Material Science and               Material Science and Nanotechnology

                  8.    Applied Mathematics                Numerical Analysis, Cryptography, Inverse
                                                           Problems, Analysis of PDEs, Financial
                                                           Mathematics and Fuzzy Algebra and Applications

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