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FP, 2, 8%

                                                                  CAAS, 6, 24%

                                              CE, 10, 40%
                                                                  CCBA, 7, 28%

                                                CAAS      CCBA      CE     FP

                           Figure 6: Distribution of STFDG applications across Colleges/FP

               3.3. URB Policy

               The URB reviewed and modified the URB policy. The revision includes:
                     Addition of clauses in IC and STFDG guidelines
                     Tidying up the whole policy
                     Updating forms

               4. DR Activities during the Academic Year 2016-17

               4.1. Turnitin Renewal
               The annual subscription of the Turnitin software was renewed during Fall semester by the DR.

               4.2. Seminars and lectures for Professional Development of Research
               As a part of its efforts to promote fruitful Research and to create a healthy Research environment
               in DU, the DR conducted a series of seminars on Research skills as tabulated in Table 1 below:

                  Table 1: Seminars on Professional Development of Research during AY 2016-17
                 No.        Details of Event       Presenter/      Target        Affiliation       Date
                                                     Speaker      Audience
                  1    Socio-ecological  dynamics  Mr.           DU           University of     13/12/2016
                       of  overgrazing  in  the  Lawrence        Academic     Kent having
                       Dhofar    Mountains    of  Ball           Staff        joint
                       Oman                                                   collaborative
                                                                              research with
                  2    Exploring         Natural  Prof.     Dr.  DU           Ulm University,   21/12/2016
                       Compound  As  Potential  med.             Academic     Ulm-Germany
                       Therapeutic  Agents,  How  Thomas         Staff
                       Can  We  Unravel  their  Simmet

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