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A Foreword by the

                                         Director, Department of Research

                       Dhofar University continues to grow and excel in all areas of research and one of our main goals for this
                       academic year was to encourage faculty led student driven projects focusing on the Faculty Mentored
                       Undergraduate Award Program (FURAP) supported by The Research Council (TRC). Dhofar University was
                       successful  in  meeting  all  the  criterions  as  per  the  Oman  Academic  Accreditation  Authority  (OAAA)
                       framework and we will, together strive to further meet our target and goals for the future.

                       With the newly established Research Center particularly focusing on biodiversity and medicinal plants
                       and state of the art facilities, Dhofar University is continuously striving towards excellence by working
                       with internationally renowned institutions and more importantly building local human capacity. The
                       main goal for the next academic year is to meet the demands of local industry and provide effective
                       Consultancy to all stakeholders.

                       This  continued  success  is  all  due  to  the  support,  hard  work,  enthusiasm  and  commitment  of  our
                       management, faculty and students.  I encourage everyone to continue this journey and together we can
                       continue on this path to success.
                       Best Regards,

                      Dr. Israr Ul Hassan
                      Director, Department of Research
                      Dhofar University
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