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3.2. Comparison of Research Activity across Colleges and Foundation Program
               Following charts below shows the comparison of Research activity across all Colleges and the FP.

               3.2.1 Incentive Claims – Scopus or Web of Science
               Beginning from the AY 2013-14, the URB in coordination with the DVC suggested incentives for
               Research to encourage faculty members at DU to engage in quality Research activities. As per the
               policy, the faculty members who have published a paper in a journal indexed in Scopus or Web
               of Science will be eligible to claim a monetary incentive of 300, 200 or 100 R.O. as the first author,
               second author or the third author.

               During the AY 2016-17, 126 applications were received for incentive claims compared to 102
               applications  during  AY  2015-16.  Among  these,  77  applications  were  from  the  College  of
               Commerce and Business Administration (CCBA), 15 from College of Engineering (CE), 32 from the
               College of Arts and Applied Sciences (CAAS) while 2 applications for incentives were received
               from FP. Figure 5 shows the distribution of incentive claim applications received from all Colleges
               and FP.

                                                         FP, 2, 2%

                                                 CE, 15, 12%
                                                                      CAAS, 32, 25%

                                                    CCBA, 77, 61%

                                                CAAS      CCBA      CE     FP

                           Figure 5: Distribution of Incentive Claims across all Colleges/FP

               3.2.2 Short Term Faculty Development Grant
               Faculty  members  presenting  their  Research  papers  in  prestigious  conferences  are  eligible  to
               receive a grant to cover their travel and accommodation along with the registration fee. The
               number of applications received for STFDG declined since last academic year due to the stringent
               review process both at CRC and URB levels. 39 STFDG applications were received during the AY
               2014-15, while only 23 during the AY 2015-16 and 25 during the AY 2016-17. Among these, 7
               applications were from CCBA, 10 from CE, 6 from CAAS while 2 applications for STFDG were
               received from FP. Figure 6 shows the distribution of STFDG applications across all Colleges and
               FP during the AY 2016-17.

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