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3.  Develop DU into a Hub for Research Activities that are Important to the Region
                   -  Worked  in  coordination  with  DVC  and  the  Research  Centre  at  DU  in  setting  up  of
                       Frankincense  and  Biodiversity  lab  and  promoting  DU  as  the  Hub  for  Frankincense
                       Research in the region.
                   -  Increased  number  of  institutional  and  private  Research  activities  in  Dhofar  region
                       channelized through DU.
                   -  Signed MoUs with national and international private and government entities (for details,
                       refer to table 12).

               4.  Ensure Ethics and Bio-Safety in Research:
                   -  Ensured the Implementation of the ethics policy while reviewing and evaluating external
                       and internal Research requests.

               5.  Establish Research Teaching Nexus:
                   -  Developed plans to focus on ‘Research teaching nexus’ during AY 2017-18 by promoting
                       faculty members to incorporate their Research into curricula.

               5. Research Centre and Deanship of Research and Graduate Studies

               DU with the approval of the Ministry of Higher Education (MoHE) established a Research center
               in AY 2015-16. The Centre aims to promote quality Research across the University. The Centre
               focuses  on  few  niche  areas  of  Research  of  regional  and  strategic  importance  dealt  with  in
               different Research clusters. One of the cluster is the ‘Frankincense and Medicinal plants’ for
               which a fully operational Research lab has been established in AY 2016-17. Currently, following
               projects  have  been  carried  out  at  the  Research  centre  with  the  coordination  of  experts  in
               Germany, UK and Australia:

               1.  Frankincense  Lab  Project  1:  The  anti-inflammatory,  analgesic  and  healing  properties  of
                   Frankincense and Myrrh Resins both invitro & invivo. (DU/AY-2015-16/FLAB-P001)

               2.  Frankincense Lab Project 2: Pharmacological and Biological Activities of Boswellia sacra Gum
                   Extract. (DU/AY-2015-16/FLAB-P002)

                           Figure 8: Frankincense and Biodiversity Lab at Research centre

               The second unit developed focuses on Omani Cultural Studies. However, other units on pre-
               selected areas of Research will follow. All potential Research focus areas as listed in Table 2, 3
               and 4 respectively.

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