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A Foreword by the

                                                   Deputy Vice Chancellor

                       I have an immense pleasure in presenting the Dhofar University’s 9  Annual Research Report as an
                       evidence of DU seeking to achieve the highest levels of distinction in the discovery and transmission of
                       knowledge and understanding.

                       Ever since its humble beginnings, the University Research Board and the Department of Research, have
                       played an important role in the development of Research at DU. DU’s Research strategy is based on two
                       major objectives or pillars: First: capacity building for national competencies and Second the need to
                       focus on research with clear benefits to the region and to Oman. These two objectives are the main drive
                       for  all  our  research  strategy  and  related  policies.  Appropriate  policies  and  activities  have  been
                       implemented to promote research through many incentives and awards.
                       Our main focus now, as we are growing, is to have our faculty publish in Web of Science and to give you
                       an indication that over the last academic year 16 of our faculty published in Web of Science journals with
                       Impact factors, and I am sure that number will keep increasing. During the AY 2016-17, the number of
                       applications received through URB has also shown a significant increase. Considering the increase of the
                       number of applications the budget for research activities has been increased accordingly.  Moreover, our
                       Research Gate score is 982 and we are ranked second after the University of Nizwa. We need to gear up
                       our efforts to improve that score to be the best private university in the Sultanate of Oman.  During Last
                       Academic Year, 17 FURAP applications have been submitted to TRC i.e. nearly double the number of the
                       previous year. I believe this trend will undoubtedly accelerate as many new Research projects move from
                       the development phase to full Research activity and we expect that our faculty and students will do more
                       in this regard through funded projects along with our graduate student’s research in their Masters theses.

                       DU has established a Research Center in 2015 that focuses on few niches with interest to Oman, each
                       niche is managed within a Research Unit. The first research unit focuses on ‘Biodiversity, Frankincense
                       and Medicinal Plants’ with a fully operational state of the art laboratory and 4 researchers headed by the
                       Principal Investigator Prof Luay Rashan.  The Unit is currently working in collaboration with prominent
                       researchers  from  Germany,  Australia,  United  Kingdom  and  Jordan  and  promising  results  have  been
                       achieved related to the “healing power” of Frankincense.

                       Finally, I would like to express my utmost appreciation to the support from the VC, Prof. Hassan Kashoob,
                       to the TRC for their continuous funding despite the budget cuts, the Department of Research, previous
                       and current URB members, and everyone in DU involved or not with Research. I believe that over this
                       period we collectively achieved our planned objectives and I am confident that we will continuously strive
                       towards achieving our long term aspiration, which is to be recognized as a hub of quality Research.

                       Best Regards,

                       Prof. Mohamed Limam
                       Deputy Vice Chancellor
                       Dhofar University
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