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A Foreword by the

                                                     Vice Chancellor

                     I am pleased to present to you the 9th Annual Research Report for AY 2016–17. Dhofar University
                     (DU) continues to play a steady role towards His Majesty’s vision to excel in Education, Research

                     and Development. DU has always been devoted to excel by delivering specialized courses with
                     exceptional  job  prospects  for  our  graduates  and  performing  futuristic  applied  research  that
                     unswervingly  improves  peoples’  lives.  A  mark  of  our  success  is  that  based  on  its  RG  score,

                     ResearchGate ranked DU as second best in Research among all private Universities in Oman.
                     Moreover,  during  AY 2016-17,  our  faculty  and  students  have  successfully bagged prestigious
                     awards in research nationally and internationally.  Also as per OAAA report, DU has successfully

                     met all the requirements in research set for institutional accreditation. A major milestone for DU
                     was  the establishment of  research  centre  with  fully operational  cluster  on  Frankincense  and

                     Medicinal plants that has showed promising results.

                     This report highlights the significant increase in Research activity over past few years and we are
                     committed to support our students and staff in future. I would like to praise the tremendous
                     achievements of our University, and the immense efforts and commitment of our committed and
                     passionate staff, students and faculty members who worked hard to make DU’s vision a reality.
                     We thank you for your wonderful contributions for raising the University’s Research profile by
                     doing quality Research work and look forward with confidence to the year ahead.

                     Last but not the least I would like to express my gratitude to Board of Trusties (BoT) for their
                     continuous encouragement and support in promoting Research. I would also like to thank The
                     Research Council (TRC) for their substantial contribution and assisting DU to fulfil our mission to
                     attain a position as an internationally renowned Research Intensive University. I wish and pray
                     may  DU  succeed  in  its endeavour  to foster  sustainable  development  in  this beloved  country

                     guided by  the  great  wisdom of  His  Majesty  Sultan  Qaboos;  May he  be blessed  by  Allah  and
                     prosper in health and live a long life to serve his beloved people and country.

                     Best Regards,

                     Prof. Hassan Said Kashoob
                     Vice Chancellor
                     Dhofar University
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