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1.  Explanatory Notes
               The Ninth Annual Research Report presents the ‘Research output’ of faculty members of Dhofar
               University (DU) for the AY 2016-17. Please note that:
                    In the Publications' list, DU faculty members are indicated with bold letters.
                    Only published or presented papers are listed. Manuscripts accepted but not yet published
                     shall appear in the next annual Research report.
                    All  listings  are  listed  in  alphabetical  order  by  College's  name,  department's  name  and

                     faculty's first name.
                    For each author, most recent publications are listed first.

               2. Members of the University Research Board (URB)
                  1.  Dr. Israr Ul Hassan, Director, Department of Research, Chairperson URB
                  2.  Dr. Shafique Chaudhry, College of Arts and Applied Sciences

                  3.  Dr. Francesco Bigagli, College of Arts and Applied Sciences
                  4.  Dr. Dimitrios Xanthidis, College of Commerce and Business Administration
                  5.  Dr. Mohammed Imran Khan, College of Commerce and Business Administration
                  6.  Dr. Said Grami, College of Engineering
                  7.  Dr. Ghada Rehan, College of Engineering
                  8.  Dr. Umamaheswara Rao, Foundation Program

               3. URB Activities during the Academic Year 2016-17

               During the Academic Year (AY) 2016-17, URB received a total of 168 applications categorized as:

                25 applications for Short Term Faculty Development Grant (STFDG),
                2 for Seed Grant (SG),
                126 applications for the Incentive Claims (IC) including 13 applications from AY 2015-16 that

                 were put on hold due to budget shortage,
                14 for the distribution of questionnaires, and,
                1 requests for Research collaboration

               129 applications were unanimously approved by the URB, Deputy Vice Chancellor (DVC) and the

               Vice Chancellor (VC), whereas, 2 applications were rejected while 37 were put on hold due to
               budget shortages that will be discussed during the next academic year. Figure 1 summarizes the
               URB activity during AY 2016-17 while figure 2 shows the comparison of URB activity over last five
               years i.e. from AY 2012-13 to AY 2016-17.

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