Page 49 - 9th Annual Research Report-web
P. 49

S. Rabbani, R. Imran, S. Shamoon, N. Kamal, “Directive leadership and satisfaction: a unique
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               Conference Papers:
               A.  Rehman,  J.  Jaboob,  “Exploring  consumer  attitudes  towards  halal  tourism  in  Oman”,
               International Conference on Economic Development and Diversification: Contemporary Issues,
               Strategies and Opportunities for Sustainable Development in Oman, Salalah, Oman, April 26-27

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               model approach”, IAARHIES International Conference, London, UK, October 05-06, 2016.

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               November, 2016.

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               preference  of  Algerian  and  Tunisian  consumers  for  local  ecological  products",  Academy
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               20, 2017.

               R.  Imran,  K.  Al-Ansi,  A.  Fatima,  “Mediating  effect  of  psychological  capital  between
               transformational  leadership  and  innovative  work  behaviour;  an  investigation  within  Omani
               Context”, 28th International Business Information Management Association Conference, Seville,
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               case  of  Salalah,  Sultanate  of  Oman”,  3   International  Conference  on  Applied  Business  and
               Economic Research, New Delhi, India, July 30-31, 2016.

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