Page 50 - 9th Annual Research Report-web
P. 50

               S. Sanyal, M. W. Hisam, “Opportunities and challenges for e-commerce in the MENA Region”, 1
               Symposium on Business in Dhofar Region: Trends, Opportunities and Challenges, Salalah, Oman,
               May 26, 2016.


               O. Durrah, “Omani Products Exhibition”, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Sultanate of Oman,
               February 12-14 and March 1-2 2017.

               Member Editorial Board:
               A. M. Pauceanu, “Economics and Sociology Journal”.

               K. Khan; “Vikas Vimarsh- An International Multidisciplinary Refereed Research Journal”.

               O. Durrah, “International Journal of Public Leadership”.

               O. Durrah, “Ponte International Scientific Researches Journal”.

               O. Durrah, “Journal of Public Administration”.

               R. Imran, “International Journal of Management and Administrative Sciences”.

               Externally Funded Research:
               R.  Imran,  M.  Qatan,  A.  Bait  Rajab,  “Designing  a  high  performance  work  system;  A  key  step
               towards building employee engagement in the health sector”, FURAP Call 4, Funded by TRC.

               This  research  aimed  at  identifying  appropriate  bundle  of  human  resource  practices  (such  as
               selective  recruitment,  training  and  development,  empowerment,  competitive  pay  and  job
               rotation) that would help the health sector organizations to develop High Performance Work
               Systems that are needed to have engaged employees for quality health services. A convenient
               sample of 422 employees from health sector of Dhofar region of Oman was selected for the
               study.  This  research  examined  the  currently  followed  Human  resource  practices  in  health
               organizations in Dhofar region. Interviews were conducted with the administrative staff, doctors
               and paramedical staff to identify the gap between current practices and desired practices. The
               indigenous  high  performance  work  system  practices  were  identified  for  the  health  sector.
               Moreover,  the  impact  of  these  identified  high  performance  work  system  on  employee
               engagement was empirically tested. The results revealed that all the practices except job rotation
               had positive and significant effect on employee engagement. Limitations and implications were
               also discussed and suggestions have been made for future research.

               U. Noreen, R. Imran, “Talent management: an issue of strategic importance for banking sector in
               gulf region”, Funded by Prince Sultan University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

               The research aimed at providing a road map for Gulf region focusing on sample of Saudi and
               Omani banking sector for playing their part in country’s economic growth. The proposed research
               is also an attempt to help these organizations develop such systems that lead to the attraction,
               retention and growth of local human talent needed to cope with current turbulent situation. It

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