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16. Publications by College of Engineering:
               16.1 Department of Architecture Engineering
               Refereed Journal Papers:
               B.  Yapicioglu,  L.  Cazacova,  “The  building  as  a  statement  of  an  artefact:  The  Mijmara”,
               International Journal of Ecology & Development, Vol. 31, No.3, pp: 99-116, 2016.

               L. Cazacova, “Sustainable built cultural heritage conservation with cradle to cradle”, International
               Journal of Energy and Environment, Vol. 10, pp: 61-69, 2016.

               L.  Cazacova,  “Green  courses  and  heritage  conservation  for  sustainable  development”,
               International Journal of Environmental Science, Vol. 2, pp: 200-209,2017.

               Conference Papers:
               L.  Cazacova,  F.  Abbassi,  “Dhofari  Eco-House  Project”,  poster  presentation,  TRC  Annual  Day,
               Muscat, Oman, October 5, 2016.

               Externally Funded Research:
               L. Cazacova, F. Abbassi, M. Ul Islam, K. Adam, S. Mana, W. Osman, M. Farhan, L. Mohammed,
               F. Al Housni, O. Fraz Khan, “SoLLite - Salalah”, Solar Decathlon Middle East 2018 Competition by
               DEWA Dubai and US Department of Energy.

               The Solar Decathlon is an international competition in which universities from all over the world
               meet to design, build and operate a grid-connected, solar powered house. The houses use solar
               energy  as  the  only  energy  source  and  are  equipped  with  all  the  technologies  that  permit
               maximum energy efficiency. During the final phase of the competition teams assemble their
               houses in a main expo area, open to the general public, while undergoing the 10 contests of the
               competition. There are 22 teams from 16 different countries and SoLLite – Salalah is the single
               team representing Sultanate of Oman.

               L. Cazacova, K. Adam, S. Mana, F. Abbassi, S. Grami, M. Farhan, L. Mohammed, F. Al Housni, O.
               Fraz Khan, “EHDC2 (Eco-House Second phase)”, Funded by The Research Council of Oman.

               Through  research  and  innovation  in  architecture,  environment  and  renewable  energy  the
               competition  raises awareness  of  the possibilities  and  importance  of  green building  and  eco-
               design. Higher Education Institutions will compete in designing houses that are innovative in
               architecture, engineering and inspiration. The designs will incorporate smart technology and may
               either use new ideas or reinterpret traditional styles.

               16.2 Department of Chemical Engineering
               Book Chapter:
               M. Ul Islam, S. Khan, M. W. Ullah, J. K. Park, “Recent advances in biopolymer composites for
               environmental issue, Handbook of Composites from Renewable Materials Scrivener Publishing
               LLC, 2017.

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