Page 3 - Annual Research Report 2018-19
P. 3


               AY                Academic Year
               CAAS                College of Arts and Applied Sciences

               CCBA                College of Commerce and Business Administration
               CE                      College of Engineering

               DR                Department of Research
               DU                      Dhofar University

               DVC                   Deputy Vice Chancellor

               FURAP              Faculty mentored Undergraduate Research Award Program
               IC                       Incentive Claim

               IT                Information Technology
               OAAA                Oman Academic Accreditation Authority

               ORG                   Open Research Grant
               QA                      Quality Assurance

               Ques.                  Questionnaire
               RCOL              Research Collaboration

               RL                Research leave
               R.O                    Rial Omani

               SG                      Seed Grant

               STFDG              Short Term Faculty Development Grant
               TRC                   The Research Council

               URB                   University Research Board
               VC                      Vice Chancellor
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