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             DU  recognizes  research  as  one  of  the  main  pillars  of  academic  excellence  as  explicitly

             mentioned in its mission statement. All efforts are being made to encourage research among
             its  faculty  members  and  to  create  a  conducive  environment  for  credible  research.  As  a

             consequence, DU is currently ranked 2nd in Research among all private Universities in Oman
             based on its ResearchGate(RG) score.

             In its strategic plan DU has envisaged to create a hub of research activity beneficial to the

             region. To achieve this, DU has established a Department of Research (DR) that works under
             direct supervision of the Deputy  Vice Chancellor. It strives to create a favourable research

             environment within DU by encouraging, facilitating and promoting all research activities across
             the University. The DR ensures that good and meaningful researches are been undertaken by

             the faculty members.

             The University also has a University Research Board (URB) which is tasked to help DR foster

             and improve the conducive research within DU by managing DU Research grants.

             As a part of its mission to promote quality Research and to become the hub of all Research
             activities in the region, DU has also setup a Research centre. The center focuses on niche

             areas of Research of regional importance, dealt with in different Research units. The clusters
             support and develop strategically important local and national topics.

             The Eleventh Annual Research Report presents the ‘Research output’ of faculty members of

             Dhofar University (DU) for the AY 2018-19. Please note that:

                In the Publications' list, DU faculty members are indicated with bold letters.
                Only  published  or  presented  papers  are  listed.  Manuscripts  accepted  but  not  yet

                 published shall appear in the next annual Research report.

                                   11  Annual Research Report for AY 2018-19
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