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               The University Research Board (URB) assists the Department of Research to foster and
               improve the conducive research environment within DU by managing DU Internal Research

               grants. The Members of the URB consists of two representatives from each College and a
               representative from the Foundation program appointed by the Dean or FP director for a

               term of two-year renewable for a similar term. The Chairperson and any additional members

               are appointed by the DVC.

                Members of the URB
                  Prof. Mohamed Limam, DVC, Chairperson URB

                  Dr. Eihab Bashir, College of Arts and Applied Sciences
                  Dr. Awadh Alkareem, College of Arts and Applied Sciences

                  Dr. Kavita Chavali, College of Commerce and Business Administration

                  Dr. Omar Durrah, College of Commerce and Business Administration
                  Dr. Umer Farooq, College of Engineering

                  Dr. Dukso Kuzovic, College of Engineering
                  Dr. Faycal Mahjoub, College of Law

                  Dr. Ahmed El Zien, College of Law
                  Mr. Waqar Ahmed Khan, Foundation Program

                  Ms. Sarah Iqbal, Department of Research & URB Coordinator

             URB Activities during the AY 2018-19

             During  the  Academic  Year  (AY)  2018-19,  URB  approved  a  total  of  105  applications

             categorized as:
                45 applications for the Research Publication Incentive (RPI)

                23 applications for Conference Grant (CG)
                19 applications for distribution of questionnaires/data collection, and,

                18 requests for Research leave
             103 applications were unanimously approved by the URB, Deputy Vice Chancellor (DVC)

             and the Vice Chancellor (VC), whereas, 2 applications were rejected as they failed to meet
             the URB policy. Figure 1 summarizes the URB activity during AY 2018-19 while figure 2

             shows the comparison of URB activity over last five years i.e. from AY 2014-15 to AY 2018-

             19. The decline in number of approved applications is due to stringent research policies
             implemented to enhance and promote quality research across DU.

                                   11  Annual Research Report for AY 2018-19
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