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             Research Goal

             To promote Research activities and consultancy services and to be the Research hub for all

             Research activities vital for the region

             Research Objectives

             The key objectives of DR are to:

               Strengthen environment for Research activities.
               Provide an environment conducive to consultancy services.

               Develop DU into a hub for Research activities that are important to the region.

               Ensure ethics and bio-safety in Research.
               Establish Research teaching nexus.

                During the AY 2018-19, DR worked tirelessly to facilitate research activities at DU. The key
              activities include:

                Strengthening environment for Research activities.
                  Providing support for external and internal grants.

                  Updating and polishing the URB policy as per recommendations of URB and UAC.

                  Facilitating  faculty  and  students  during  the  submission  of  the  national  patent

                Organizing Annual Research Day.
                  Renewing  Turnitin  subscription  to  facilitate  the  implementation  of  University’s

                  academic integrity policy.

                Renewing EJAAD Membership.

                Providing  support  for  evaluation  of  external/internal  Questionnaire  and  necessary


             Strategic and Operational Plan for Research

             As specified in the operational and strategic plan of DU, the DR with the support of URB,
             DQA  and  the  DVC,  worked  tirelessly  to  achieve  following  objectives  to  promote  quality

             Research across the University.

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