Page 9 - Annual Research Report 2018-19
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             1.  Strengthen Environment for Research Activities:
             -  Increase in the Research budget as compared to AY 2017-18.

             -  Promoting the faculty members to publish their Research work in quality journals that
                 resulted in increased number of quality publications in Scopus and Web of Science.

             -  Incentives given to faculty members for their joint Research papers with DU students.

             -  Focused on involving students actively in research.
             2.  Develop DU into a Hub for Research Activities that are Important to the Region

             -  Increased  number  of  institutional  and  private  Research  activities  in  Dhofar  region
                 channelized through DU.

             -  Signed MoUs with national and international private and government entities (for details,
                 refer to table 12).

             -  Organized Research day at a larger scale.

             3.  Ensure Ethics and Bio-Safety in Research:
             -  Ensured the Implementation of the ethics policy while reviewing and evaluating external

                 and internal Research requests.

             4.  Establish Research Teaching Nexus:

             -  Developed plans to focus on ‘Research teaching nexus’ during AY 2018-19 by promoting
                 faculty members to incorporate their Research into curricula.

             5. Spreading culture of Plagiarism-free Research Environment:

             -  Along with the DVC, Colleges and DQA, steps were taken to ensure that students ensure

                 to use Turnitin to introduce a plagiarism-free research environment across DU.

                                   11  Annual Research Report for AY 2018-19
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