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          This annual report summarizes the research activities and achievements of DU during the Academic
          Year 2018-2019.This academic year was a year of significant developments and achievements for
          Dhofar University.  During the Academic year 2018-19, DU had the honor of being the first University
          in Oman to be accredited by OAAA in December 2018. During the same academic year, DU was

          Internationally accredited by UK based accreditation authority “ASIC” in April 2019. DU was also
          awarded a special “Student Centered University Award” by ASIC. Thus, DU has a unique distinction
          of being the first University in Oman to be accredited nationally by OAAA and internationally by

          During  the  AY  2018-19,  the  faculty  members  and  students  were  involved  in  several  Research
          activities.  The  Research  Gate  (RG)  score  of  the  University  increased  significantly  to  over 1151
          helping DU retain its position as 2nd best in Research among all private Universities in Oman.  The
          Research  achievements  of  our  Students,  Faculty  members  and  the  Research  centre  were
          celebrated  on  University’s  6th  Annual  Research  Day  held  on  5th  December,  2018  under  the

          auspices of Vice Chancellor; Prof. Hassan Kashoob. The Research Council (TRC) started a new
          funding program called as Block Fund. Two calls for proposals were initiated simultaneously namely
          Call 2018 and Call 2019 that invited proposals from faculty members, students and staff for different
          Research grants. The students, staff, faculty members and the Research center worked tirelessly
          and submitted 18 proposals in response to Call 2018, while 42 research proposals were submitted

          for Call 2019. DU also became member of EJAAD; a new platform from TRC that helps to link
          academia  to  Industry.  DU  submitted  3  expressions  of  interest  in  response  to  different  Industry
          challenges where 1 proposal submitted to Oman oil & Gas is in final evaluation stages.  Our faculty
          from College of Engineering won National Research Award in ICT sector while Engineering students

          won first place in Omantel’s 5G Use Cases University/College Competition in Collaboration with
          Ericsson. Another significant achievement in research and scholarly activities was the submission
          of  two  national  level  and  one  International  patent  applications.  DU  “Research  Planning  and
          Management”  criterion  was  awarded  a  rate  of  3  by  OAAA  in  the  Final  Institutional  Standards
          Reassessment  Report  in  December 2018.  ASIC  has also  given  commendation  on  the  carefully
          structured system for research supervision and management at DU.

          This continued success is all due to the support, hard work and commitment of our management,
          faculty and students. I hope all these achievements will lead to other achievements in the next AY

          Prof. Hassan Kashoob
          Vice Chancellor
          Dhofar University
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