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• Telephone number
                       • 200 Baisa (Have the exact amount.)

                   Present the above items to Government Formalities Office at DU (Mr. Said Khalid)
                   on the 1st floor, Room 109-A in the Administration Building. They will process your
                   application file for the police department.
                   For the police department you will need:

                       • The completed application file from DU
                       • Original domestic license
                       • Resident card (Please see Section 3.9)

                       • Passport
                       • Visa debit/credit card (license fee OMR 20)

                   The police department is located off the Sa’ada traffic roundabout on Thumrait
                   Road about 2.3 km south of DU.

                   At the Police Department, proceed to the traffic section. You may be directed to one
                   of the offices for an eye test. Bring your glasses if you need them. Your form will be
                   stamped after the eye test. Have your visa debit/credit card and your resident card
                   ready. When your paperwork is finished and your fee (OMR 20) has been paid, you
                   will receive your Omani license. Your Omani license is valid for 2 years.

                   It is to be noted that certain nationalities who already have driving license from
                   their respective countries are not required to take driving test while certain other
                   nationalities have to pass the driving tests to obtain driving license.

                   For more details, see:

               3.5.2. Car Purchase:

                   Once you have your Resident card and Omani driving license, you can go to any
                   car  dealership.  Most  of  the  car  dealers  are  represented  in  Salalah.  Dealers
                   willingly give you test drives. You may buy a car on cash or credit basis. Watch out
                   for cash discounts / Ramadhan discounts.  If you buy on credit, about 10% cash
                   down payment will be required. The car dealers and the banks have car loan
                   plans. It is to be noted that the dealers offer various services including arranging
                   insurance and registration of the car.

                   The speed limit on all roads outside built-up areas is 120 Km/h. In built-up areas,
                   the limit is between 40 and 100, but you will find other temporary speed limits
                   for roadworks, etc. Many external as well as internal roads are monitored by
                   speed cameras.  Be alert about over speeding vehicles and animals on the road,
                   specially camels.

               3.6. Emergency Numbers

               Always  keep  your  Department  Chair/Convener  or  Dean/Director  informed  about
               accidents, problems or other related emergencies because he/she may be able to help
               or advise you. Furthermore, DU is your legal sponsor during your stay in Oman. In case

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