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2.6. Foundation Program

               The  University  also  offers  a  pre-college  program  known  as Foundation Program
               (FP).  The  FP  is  designed  to  bridge  the  gap  between  secondary  education  and
               undergraduate  studies  at  colleges.    The  program’s  focus  is  to  ensure  students’
               readiness to embark on their university studies.

               The General FP is a one-year bridge program intended to equip high school graduates
               to pursue university majors and is undertaken by most university students in Oman.
               The program focuses on three major areas: English, Mathematics and IT, plus general
               study skills. The curriculum is aligned with the learning outcomes stated in the Oman
               Academic Standards for General Foundation Programs. The emphasis of the English
               program is on the general communication and academic skills.

               2.7. Student Characteristics

               The number of students in the DU academic programs grew rapidly from 774 in fall
               2004-2005 to around 5160 in the Fall semester, 2019-20. The overwhelming majority
               of students are 18-25 years of age and some 60% are on Ministry of Higher Education
               (MoHE) scholarship. Most students are Omanis, from Dhofar. However, the number of
               students from other Governorates of Oman is increasing each year. Female students
               outnumber males.

               2.8. Campus

               Dhofar University campus is built on a 450,000 square meter plot of land at the foot
               of the mountains. The campus meets international design standards, as well as those
               of the MoHE, while taking into consideration local needs and cultural context. The
               campus can accommodate up to 10000 students. At the moment, the first phase of
               the long-term construction has provided us with 3 separate buildings for the 4 colleges
               and  FP,  as  well  as  a  common  classroom  building,  engineering  workshop,  an
               administration building, a library, a conference center, a student activities center and
               a mosque.

               2.9. Workplace

               A fully equipped office is assigned to each staff member. The office has a computer
               with Internet access and all the necessary programs installed. Each staff member gets
               an email account Each staff members are provided with all the basic
               stationery they need for their teaching and administrative duties.  The department
               secretary will provide and guide staff members with other requirements.

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