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  After three days, you will need to move into your own house or apartment and
                   arrange for your own transport.
                 You will be given assistance in finding suitable accommodation.

                 You can also contact Mr. Abdulrahman Aqeel Baomar, Director, Department of
                   Public  Relations  and  External  Cooperation  at  for  more

               3.3. Banking

               Opening a bank account in Oman requires:

                     A copy of your passport,

                     A resident card
                     A letter from HR (DU)

               There are several banks available to new employees. There is a Bank Dhofar branch
               located in the Student Affairs Building on campus. Dhofar University deals with Bank
               Muscat. Employees are expected to have an account with Bank Muscat. Employees’
               salaries are deposited directly into Bank Muscat on or around the 25th of each month.
               From there, they can be transferred to other banks, which may cause a 2-3 days delay.
               Note that you will be paid from the day of your arrival.

               3.4. Bank Area Phone

                     Bank Muscat (DU Direct Deposit, Al-Saada 23225853)
                     HSBC (Haffa House 80074722)
                     Oman Arab Bank (Al-Saada 23225974 / 23225976)

                     Bank Dhofar (Al-Saada and DU 23227177 / 23225463)

               3.5. Transportation

               The public transportation in Salalah consists of a skeletal city bus service and taxis. This
               is why most newcomers either rent or buy a car. (Cars can easily be sold when you
               leave).  Car rental agencies usually charge between OMR 10-15 per day. Long-term
               rentals are much cheaper. Dhofar University has negotiated a special rate of OR 150 a
               month to rent a car. For more details, please contact Mr. Abdulrahman Aqeel Baomar

               3.5.1. Omani Driver’s License:

                   To obtain an Omani driver’s license, you will need the following items for the DU
                   Government Formalities Office at DU:

                       • Resident card (Please see Section 3.9)
                       • Passport
                       • Valid domestic driving license

                       • Blood group certificate
                       • Two recent photos on a blue background

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