Employee welfare and happiness are the prime goals of the HR practice at DU. All efforts are made to ensure the happiness and wellness of its employees as part of the welfare initiative for workers. The Human resources department with support from the technical affairs department and administrative affairs department ensure a well laid out plan for wellness of employees.
The following services are offered and can be availed by DU employees:

Medical Insurance Cover

All Non-Omani employees and their families are covered by medical insurance to cater to their medical needs. The medical cover provides seamless service in designated medical clinics, hospitals all over Oman. Pre-approval is needed for in-house hospitalization. In case of any query or support get in touch with  the department of Administrative Affairs

Ms. Naifa Al Shanfari,

Assistant Manager In charge of Insurance ,

Office: 101A, Administrative Building,

Office Extension: 23237061,

Email: n2_alshanfari@du.edu.om

Booking of Air Tickets for Annual Travel

In case you need to book air tickets for yourself and family for your annual vacation the department of public relations and external cooperation provides assistance for the same. Email your request to
Mr. Ahmed ba Omar,
Office Extension: 23237012,
Email: ahbaomar@du.edu.om

Obtaining Entry Pass for Personal Cars of Employees

The administrative affairs department is in charge of issuing entry pass stickers for one car per faculty member. Email your request to
Mr. Osama Ali Al Boosi,
Email: osama_alboosi@du.edu.om
Office Extension: 23237063

ID Card, Salary Certificate and Authorization Letters

If you need an employee Id card or any certificate or authorizations letters for opening bank accounts etc. the human resources department is in charge of the same. Email your request to
Mr. Barham Ba Omar,
Office Extension: 23237034,
Email: b_baomar@du.edu.om

Visa Renewal Assistance Services

All employees needing renewal of their employment visa as well as of their family members can avail the services of the human resources department, Government formalities section. Visit and meet
Mr. Said Abood al Orabi,
Office Room No: 109A, Administrative building
Office Extension: 23237038

Medical Emergencies on Campus

DU has a well-equipped clinic housed in the student affairs building with on call doctor and permanent paramedics for any kind of medical emergency and health checks. In case of an urgent medical attention, a nurse-accompanied transportation to the nearby public full-fledged clinics is provided on an immediate basis. Another clinic in the female Students’ Hostel too is available 24/7 for female employees only. Apart from the clinic each floor and dean office are equipped with first aid boxed and wheel chairs for dealing with any emergency. All faculty and staff members are strongly adviced to go for regular health checkup in the designated hospital to ensure good health. Health talks for faculty and staff are regularly organized to create awareness.
Office Extension: 7135

Bank Branch and ATM

The faculty and staff of DU have access to the banking facilities and an ATM from bank Dhofar in the ground floor of the student affairs.