Staff Grievances

DU has a “Staff Grievance Policy” which is made available to all staff members through e-mail, DU website and DU Policy Manual. The policy is applicable to all academic and non-academic staff, including part time staff and staff on a contract basis.

The policy gives details about types of grievances, grievance handling procedure, appeal procedure and necessary guidelines. DU ensures that the staff members are provided with adequate opportunities to raise their grievances.

DU also builds confidence among staff members and ensures them that SGP is fair, impartial and equitable. There is consistency, fairness, equity, transparency and promptness in dealing with grievances. It is also ensured that the grievant is not be put in any disadvantageous position as a result of making a complaint in good faith.

The ultimate aim is to ensure that the staff work in a healthy work environment and contribute toward development of the University.