Student Handbook

For more than a decade, Dhofar university (DU) has been educating its students to become responsible citizens and future leaders of the society. DU offers its students great academics, vibrant student life, tremendous value and wonderful location.

The student Handbook will guide you in learning students’ code and conduct and will familiarize you with policies and procedures that govern various aspects of your life while you embark on a journey with us. It also contains information about DU’s mission, vision and values as well as a number of services and resources available to students.

The Student Handbook is more than just a policy manual. It includes information about campus resources (academic and otherwise), student’s clubs, safety information and other student support services. The Handbook lists offices, and how to contact them. As you read through this Handbook, we hope you will consider the numerous possibilities it suggests. The next academic year provide the best possible opportunity for you to stretch, take a chance, in your curricular and extra-curricular life. It is our plan and hope to ensure that each student is able to leave University having caught the essence of who we are and what we do. Do Remember, DU is a strong, diverse institution that values independent perspective and growth. You’ll be challenged and you’ll be given many opportunities for success.