Purchasing Department

The PD is responsible for processing orders of supplies for all DU needs. It consists of two sections:

  • Purchases and Tenders Section.
  • Purchasing Coordination and follow-up Section.

One of the main roles of the PD is to purchase supplies of different Materials, such as lab Equipment, IT Equipment, Textbooks General Services, Capital Equipment and other assets required by the university.

For items needed in bulk, Purchasing Department often use competitive bidding to choose a supplier. It is responsible for all aspects of the bidding process, such as publishing a public notice, writing detailed instructions on the bidding process, reading bids publicly and making a recommendation on which to accept in terms of quality and competitive prices. This process is done in accordance with DU regulations and the Sultanate of Oman laws.

In addition to providing supplies and negotiating contracts, PD is also responsible for monitoring the supplier’s performance, evaluates the supplier’s performance and conducts quality control. This may include monitoring delivery times, quality, cost and performance.