Overview of the Department of Admission & Registration

Registration is the operation in which a student selects his/her courses, have them approved by his/her academic advisor, pays the required fees and then registers with by Online using the Student Portal (DU SIS) in the University website or by the help of the academic advisors at the colleges .The department announces the dates of and procedures for registration in the University Calendar and posts them on bulletin boards inside the University and on the University’s website.

The period of registration ends one day before classes start. Late registration is permitted for a certain period which is usually two days from the beginning of classes with the approval of the concerned Dean of the college. One of the consequences of not registering on time is that a student may not find enough courses to register in. Students who want to make changes in their schedules should do so during the drop and add period during the fall and the spring semesters and during the first two days of the summer session either through the Internet or through the Office of Admission and Registration, when registration through the Internet fails. The University has the right to cancel all the courses in which not enough students registered. The minimum number of students required for a course not to be cancelled varies from one college to another.