CSCEC Overview

The Community Service and Continuing Education Center (CSCEC) at Dhofar University (DU) provides the participants free access to the educational resources of the University and offers quality educational programs to meet the ongoing professional and personal needs of Dhofar’s adult community as a whole.

It is dedicated to developing stimulating training modules that serve individuals in the private and public sectors in new and innovative ways. It offers solutions to training needs and provides the community with the combined support of professional staff and the many resources of DU.

CSCEC also aspires to assist the Omani in general and Dhofar community in particular to solve challenges and local issues, and aims to link the University with all of its resources and expertise with the needs of the community. It partners with public and private organizations to support positive initiatives in the local community.

Moreover, it encourages DU students and faculty members to make meaningful connections with the local community through participating in various events and programs organized by the Centre.

DU offers a broad range of on- and off-campus learning and training opportunities responding to the needs of a relentlessly changing world. CSCEC offerings include but not limited to certificate programs, workshops, seminars, conferences, and customized training programs designed to meet the needs of individuals and organizations to face new challenges. All CSCEC’s certificate programs, workshops, and other activities are taught by faculty who draw from their practical experience and blend it with contemporary methods in an innovative way. Programs and courses are offered in English or Arabic as indicated in the course outline.

The University strictly follows a “Policy of Non-discrimination” and ensures that the activities of CSCEC are accessible to all members of the community in general regardless of their gender, age, disability, race, colour, economic or social status etc.

CSCEC Vision

CSCEC aspires to become a center of excellence for community development by providing relevant education and training via contemporary programs designed to integrate current technologies and methodologies and respond to the needs of a diverse population of adult learners and employees in both the public and private sectors in Dhofar region and Oman.

CSCEC Mission

The mission of CSCEC is to contribute to the continuous improvement effort and capacity building of DU staff and to transcend the University resources and expertise into Dhofar and Oman community to meet the lifelong learning needs of the adult population and professionals to improve their skills to meet emerging challenges.

CSCEC Core values

CSCEC affirms the following values in carrying out its missions:

  • Life long learning to enhance the quality of life for every person.
  • Investment in education is an investment in the future of Dhofar and Oman in general.
  • CSCEC is dedicated to creating access to knowledge and to making that access available at times and locations convenient to all learners throughout their lives.
  • CSCEC seeks to empower individuals, through education, to respond to changes in society and to apply knowledge to the solution of problems.
  • CSCEC believes that efficient exchanges of knowledge are shaped by active partnerships between educators and group of lifelong learners.

CSCEC Goals and Objectives

The CSCEC aims to offer learning opportunities with the highest degree of excellence, provide the comfort and atmosphere conducive to the adult learner’s preferences and expectations, and design timely, applicable, and professionally relevant programs at an affordable cost. These aims are pursued by offering a wide selection of non-credit courses, certificate programs, and workshops that are designed to meet the community’s unique educational needs year-round.

The CSCEC objectives are to:

  • Assist various sectors in Salalah and the Dhofar region in accessing world-class expertise.
  • Offer programs designed to meet the personal and professional needs of individuals in the community.
  • Help participants in developing new skills.
  • Serve the human resource needs of organizations in Oman.
  • Accelerate the process of job localization in Oman.

Why choose to enroll in CSCEC programs?

CSCEC programs help prepare participants to learn latest concepts, technologies, and methodologies that enable them to embark on a new career, enhance their positions in their current employment, and attain the satisfaction of personal growth. CSCEC helps participants to:

  • Be empower for today and build options for tomorrow
  • Enhance their career and maximize their marketability
  • Increase their knowledge and gain greater expertise
  • Update their skills, enrich themselves and stay informed
  • Adapt to a changing environment
  • Certify, train or retrain.

Who should consider CSCEC programs?

CSCEC programs cater to the professionals and learners, especially those who are not attending the regular programs offered by the University. Most of these programs are either sponsored or provided at very nominal cost.

These programs are mainly suitable for:

  • Working adults of all ages in the private and public sectors
  • Unemployed and underemployed persons including DU alumni
  • Candidates for licensure and professional certification
  • Any local community member interested in self-development or lifelong learning
  • Organizations that seek training to their employees on contemporary issues

CSCEC Programs

Languages Courses:
  • General English Levels 1 to 8
  • IELTS Preparation Course
  • Arabic for Non-Native Speakers Levels 1 to 4
  • General French Levels 1 to 4
  • General German language level 1 to 4
  • General Italian language level 1 to 4
Information Technology Courses:
  • Internet computer core certification (IC3)
  • Oracle forms and reports
  • Oracle PL SQL
  • CompTIA
  • Networking N+
  • Security +
  • A +
  • Microsoft Certifications (MCSE & MCSA)
  • CISCO courses
  • Web design
  • Social Media management
  • E. Marketing
  • E. Commerce
Leadership and Management Courses:
  • leadership and management diploma
  • Professional Diploma in Administrative and Financial control
  • Strategic Management
  • Feasibility Studies
  • HR for non-HR Managers
  • Finance for non-accountants
  • Supply chain management: Activities and main issues
  • Customer Services
  • SPSS
Engineering’s courses:
  • SAP2000 level 1 & 2
  • Revit Basic & Advance
Design courses:
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Illustrator
Other courses:
  • Law courses
  • Special needs courses

Community Service Projects

The CSCEC at DU aspires to assist the Dhofar community in solving local issues. It aims to link the University with all of its resources and expertise with the needs of the community. The CSCEC partners with public and private organisations to support initiatives in the local community. CSCEC also encourages DU students and faculty to make meaningful connections with the local community through participating in various events and programs organised by the Centre.

Through these events, the CSCEC strives to create awareness among the community about the Sustainable Development Goals of the United nations, which are adopted by the Sultanate of Oman, and how they can make some contribution in accomplishing these goals in general. 

The events and projects undertaken by CSCEC include (but not limited to):

  • Beach Cleaning Project

(Round the year project with participation of small group of students and staff at a time)

  • Blood Donation Camps

(Round the year project)

  • Tree Plantation Project

(National initiative of the Ministry of Environment & Climate Affairs)

  • Green University Project

(Round the year project with participation of small group of students and staff at a time)

  • Organisation of various International Days

(Round the year in-campus and off-campus events)

  • No Smoking Champaign

(Round the year project)

  • Traffic Awareness Programs

(Round the year project)

  • Cancer Day Walk

(One Day walk to collect funds for Charity)

  • Covid-19 Awareness Project

(Special Project of DU to create awareness among community members)

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