About Incubation

A scientific incubation is an incubator for developing innovations and scientific research results in academic institutions by providing a package of services and support that promote scientific research, development and innovation, including facilities for using workshops, laboratories, research materials, and providing technical, marketing and technical support. Dhofar University, in partnership with the Ministry of Higher Education, Scientific Research and Innovation, is establishing an incubator project by absorbing innovative projects and research results and transforming them into emerging ventures based on innovation and technology, capable of economic competition and achieving sustainability.

Objectives of Incubation

  • Communicate with University Colleges to find new innovative student projects or support the existing projects.
  • Support students who have innovative ideas to convert their ideas into marketable products or services.
  • Support students’ technical, programming, industrial and commercial ideas.
  • Communicate with relevant government and private organizations.
  • Communicate with large companies to receive experience, knowledge, and technical support.
  • Communicate with funding agencies to facilitate obtaining financial support for incubated projects.
  • Sharing with investors and strategic partners.
  • Developing technology transfer tools and spreading the culture of innovation in society.

Incubation Activities

  • Provide technical support to the incubated projects.
  • Provide support, guidance and facilities to the incubated projects.
  • Provide financial advice to the incubated projects.
  • Provide administrative, marketing and legal advice in collaboration with strategic partners.
  • Provide training to the students who own the incubated projects in the skills that they need to develop free work.
  • Take advantage of the workshops and laboratories available at the University.
  • Periodically review the operations of the incubated projects to achieve the goals of incubation.

Sources of ideas of Incubation

  • Student projects in the course of entrepreneurship
  • Final year projects of the students.
  • Encouraging students to initiate ideas that can be transferred to projects with the help of faculty members in the colleges of Dhofar University.

Incubation Advantages

The student who initiates the project associated with the incubator receives several benefits, including:

  • Work place.
  • Use of the facilities available at the incubator, such as a computer connected to the Internet, a printer, etc.
  • Use of existing facilities, laboratories and engineering workshops.
  • Assistance in carrying out feasibility studies for the project and consultations in various fields such as
    Management, Marketing, Design, Production, Accounting and Legal.
  • Assistance in writing the Business plan.
  • Ongoing training according to project needs.
  • Reducing the time spent on licensing, commercial registration and dealing with governmental with government agencies.
  • Benefit from the incubator’s relationships and collaboration with the various parties involved in the project, both inside and inside and outside the country.
  • Marketing support through the assistance of the associate project owner in participating in exhibitions.
  • Local and international assistance in the marketing of its products through a company cooperating with the incubator.

Submission Requirements

  • The applicant must be enrolled in Dhofar University.
  • It is preferable that applicant has passed the entrepreneurship course.
  • The applicant should have an idea to establish a specific project.
  • The applicant should be committed to attend training and learning programs and workshops.
  • The project must be through the result of a research, innovation or scientific project.

Required information: Please fill in the form as in the following link:

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