University Council

The University Council (UC) is the highest decision-making body within the University, which takes all the necessary decisions that are required to assist the VC in performing his duties in the best interests of the University.

The UC is headed by the VC and composed of the following members:

  • Professor Amer bin Ali Al-Rawas –Vice Chancellor
  • Syed Ahsan Jamil –Deputy Vice Chancellor
  • Khalid Muslem Al Mashikhi –Dean, College of Arts and Applied Sciences
  • Issam Bait Bahdoor –Dean, College of Engineering
  • Mawih Al Ani – Dean, College of Commerce and Business Administration.
  • Ahmed Mohamed Elzein – Dean, College of Law
  • Moosa Ahmed Ali Sulaiman –Director of the Foundation Program,
  • Tareq Mohammad Al Housary –Dean, Deanship of Admission & Registration and Students Affairs
  • Khedr Abu Hassan –Faculty Representative, College of Arts and Applied Sciences
  • Khalid Al Kaaf –Faculty Representative, College of Engineering
  • Abdullah Ghazali –Faculty Representative, College of Commerce and Business Administration
  • Musallam Salim Al Awaid –Faculty Representative College of Law
  • Faris Al Shunbairi – Director, Postgraduate Studies
  • Muhamed Assif Gondal – Director, Department of Research
  • Amina Al Mashikhi –Director, Department of Quality Assurance
  • Sanjay Ramteke – Consultant, Quality Assurance

The Directors of the Non-academic Departments and the President of the Student Advisory Council are also invited to the UC meetings while any matter concerning them is being discussed.