Welcome note

It is our pleasure to have you interested in searching to find out more about studying at DU!

With international students and faculty members drawn from 20+ nationalities and culture we really support and celebrate the diversity of our DU community.
We a have a dedicated team at international students support ever ready to reach out to ensure that your stay is comfortable and safe.

DU offers a friendly, youth and highly ambitious university. DU offers variety of higher education programs both at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Besides, DU offers a variety of professional programs that strengthens one’s own career with a capability to offer on-demand specific programs. All DU programs are reviewed periodically to ensure their compliance with the current region and international job market requirements.

Studying at DU does not offer a mere high education opportunity; it offers a unique experience to be introduced to an ancient, rich and welcoming culture of Oman.

About Oman

Oman is a beautiful country in the Arabic Peninsula with a long cost on the Indian Ocean. Its oil resource has been used wisely to build a diverse economy since 1970. At present, with nearly 50 years of the Omani renaissance, Oman has established prestigious international and regional positions and images being an open and welcoming culture as well as a peaceful country. Although Oman has adopted the economic, technological and social renaissance, it still maintains its core cultural values known for part of the Arabic regions.
It is considered as one of the most liberal and safe country in the region with very friendly citizens

About Salalah and Dhofar Region

DU is located in Salalah, the main city of the Dhofar governorate and second largest in Oman. Salalah is well-known for its beautiful and moderate weather throughout the year, but particularly in summer (known as Khareef season). The temperature in Salalah remains steady in the upper twenties, but occasionally rises to mid-thirties. The long and clean sandy beaches of Salalah, among the most beautiful in the world, are perfect for fishing and swimming. The nearby mountains are ideal for camping and hiking.

Studying at Dhofar University (DU)

DU is a young and ambitious university established in September 2004. It is non-for-profit university that has contributed proactively, during its operational years to date, to the academic and research fields. Its energetic and systematic efforts in the field of research and higher education enabled it to be the first university to get an academic accreditation by the Oman Academic Accreditation Authority (OAAA). Its vision, mission and values explain its commitment to make a difference in the society and have been an inexhaustible source for improvement.

DU consists of four colleges, namely:

DU follows the American system of higher education with a credit hour is the unit of academic achievement. There are two-degree levels (undergraduate and postgraduate) among which a student might opt for any one subject to the fulfillment of the entry requirements set for the chosen level.

New students sit for a placement test prior to their commencement to their chosen academic programs. The placement test comprises of three areas: English Language, computer skills and mathematics. Upon passing the placement test or exempt it (refer to the DU Catalogue, the student can join the chosen academic program. If a student does not meet the minimum requirement for any or all of these fields, DU offers a remedial foundation program that help students to reach the required levels to join their desired programs (refer to the DU Catalogue.

Medium of Instruction

The official medium of instruction at DU is the English language. All of its programs are delivered in English (lectures, textbooks, reference books and all other teaching/researching materials). Therefore, the English language proficiency proofs are required for all students (i.e. IELTS). For more information about this, please refer to the DU Catalogue. There are, however, certain programs are delivered in Arabic (i.e. Arabic Literature and Law programs).

Tuition Fees

The overall tuition fees for any academic program relate to the total number of credits required by the student to graduate from that program. Accounting bachelor program, for example, requires 120 credit hours. The total fees and the semester-wise fees that a student should consider in calculating his/her overall cost of stay in Oman is then be 120 * x (where x is the amount in OR for one credit hour). For the exact total number of hours required for each program you can refer to the DU Catalogue (available for download on the DU Website).

DU Facilities

DU has a modern and well-designed campus with a generous space available for future expansion. All of its building blocks are in walking distance from each other. All colleges are equipped with what each one of its programs need for a quality delivery. All DU buildings in campus are constructed in compliance with the health and safety aspects of the Omani health and safety law.
The DU main library allows students to access thousands of books both in hard and soft copies. Self-photocopying service is available for students in all colleges and in the main library. The Student Affairs Department has a separate building to offer extra curricula services and support to students including counselling, career development and alumni. It, also, offers a basic medical aid service through its clinics, a bank with an ATM besides some comfortable goods mini-markets. For Muslims, there is a beautiful small mosque next to the students’ affairs department building.
Beside the physical facilities available for students, DU encourages and supports students’ mental and physical activities. Students’ physical activities are given an increasing interest by the DU top management. There are sports competitions take place annually specifically in football, volleyball, table tennis, chess beside other sports. Cultural and artistic activities have also special attention and there are many such activities take place yearly.

Arriving in Oman

Whether you are coming to Oman for the first time, the International Student Support Office can help you with what you need to do before you arrive and when you get here as a new international student.

Before you arrive

If you are coming to Oman for study from a country beyond the Arabic Peninsula, please bear the following in mind:

  • First, ensure that you have all original documents (or duly attested certificates and transcripts). All of requested documents mentioned in the admission application.
  • It is advisable to carry at least USD 500 in cash with you which can be exchanged to Omani Rial very easily on any of the exchange houses in Salalah. You will need this cash till your bank account is opened which will take a week after your arrival.
Airport Collection

If your flight is not through Muscat (direct to Salalah), DU is pleased to offer a meet ‘n’ greet service at the airport and bring you to the university or your reserved accommodation within Salalah. For this, you have to contact Mr. Ahmad at +968 23237012 or by email at ahbaomar@du.edu.om.

Weather conditions and clothing

The weather in Oman is considered hot and humid for most of the time thought the year. However, Salalah in region of Dhofar enjoys a milder weather compared to rest regions of Oman. It is advised that you pack suitable clothes that suits such kind of weather in addition to any medication or sun block lotion you might need for any kind of allergy that is associated to such weather, if any. Check the local weather forecast https://www.weather-forecast.com

Peer Mentor

We understand that finding answers to all your questions be it small or big is very important, to help you settle down quickly and comfortably. The peer mentor scheme provides you with a friendly peer who act as a friend and mentor and would gladly help and support you in settling down very easily. The peer mentor will be like your local guide who will be glad to not only answer all queries but to let you have a good initial understanding of the university and the city of Salalah including the local Dhofari culture. You have to send in a request to the Mr. Ahmad Aqeel ba Omar email: for allocation of a peer mentor.

Visa services

Following are the student visa conditions.

  • Complete the required procedures in the department of admission & registration
  • Pay the required tuition fees to the department of financial affairs
  • Submitting the required documents for the Royal Oman Police immigration department (copy of passport, personal photo and NOC letter form the pervious sponsor if existed)
  • Copy of the Passports, pervious visa and NOC letter form the parent (father or mother) if they are Omani resident card holder
  • Copy of the passports the parents residing in oman.
Getting a student Visa

Visa assistance shall be provided to you by the university and the International student support team shall take all responsibility. The Documentation shall be completed by the office after you submit to them all requite documents required before your arrival in Oman, the copy of the visa shall be mailed to you to be presented by you to the immigration counter when you arrive in Muscat or Salalah. The visa will be stamped on your passport and you have the permission to stay in Oman. Usually the visa is granted for two years only which are renewable as per requirement.

Police registration and Resident card

Once you will arrive in Salalah the team shall take care of getting your police registration done and obtain a “resident card” the sole identification used anywhere in the country. The resident card is valid for two years and is a must for opening of bank accounts and all other formalities.

Living in Oman


Free accommodation is provided to female student on DU campus. If you are a female student, you might consider getting the advantage of the free in-campus female student hostel. For this, you should contact the Students’ Hostel Services Department (SHSD) at one of these phone numbers: +968 23237588, 23237589 or 23237581; or by email to: dshs@du.edu.om or avail the assistance of the international student support team.
If you are a male student, or a female student who prefer to have private accommodation, then the international student support team can provide information to help you out on selecting your accommodation at a very affordable cost. No accommodation on campus is available for the male students. International students support team will arrange for pre visit to accommodations sites for all students willing to live outside the campus on a pre appointment.

Bank Account

Once the resident card is obtained opening of bank account will hardly take not more than 30 minutes is some of the leading banks in Oman. The International students support team will be available for all assistances.


Free transportation at scheduled time is offered to female students residing in dorms on campus. The transportation assistance is given to travel to malls, markets, places of recreation and can also be pre booked for projects assignments and on job training courses.
Public Bus transportation is available and “mwasalat” bus service(https://mwasalat.om/en-us) is available to the city every half an hour from the university bus station. Intercity bus service to capital city of Muscat too is available from various other bus transportation companies at a very low prices.
Taxi and cab services are also very readily available for hire by anybody and makes transportation very easy.(www.marhabataxi.com)

Health care

DU has an on campus well equipped medical clinic as well as wellness centre catering to all medical needs of its students. The paramedic staff is available round the clock 24×7 and the one can see the doctor in case of an emergency.
All international students are encouraged to avail the facilities of discounted medical cover facilitated through the university and is good enough to cover both OPD and in hospitals services. It is compulsory for all international students to have the medical cover to meet their medical needs.

Driving in Oman

Driving in oman is very easy and safe and the road network and infrastructure is world class with dual carriage way well marked and fully illuminated. One has to have an Omani driving license and renting cars is also very easy.( https://www.rop.gov.om/english/index.html)

Frauds, tricks and scams

Oman is one of the safest counties in the world to live in but unscrupulous element is omnipresent. International students could fall prey to tricksters, fraudsters and criminals minded individuals. Though this is very rare and is limited to only online mediums in oman, still one needs to take all precautions. Some of the Top tips are

  • Don’t give your bank account details to anyone unless you know and trust them.
  • Be very cautious of unsolicited offers of easy money. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
  • Research any company that makes you a job offer and make sure their contact details (address, landline phone number, email address and website) are genuine.
  • Be wary of job offers from people or companies overseas as it will be harder for you to find out if they are legitimate.
  • Do not fall in the trap of blackmailing and report it instantly to Royal Oman Police(ROP) helpline umber for immediate assistance Helpline no : 80077444
  • It would be wise that you take our advice/report the case to us without wasting any time.

Digital Support and communication

Meet the team

The international Student Support Team is ever ready to help and support you. Meet the team members

  • Mr. Ahmad Aqeel Ba Omar, International Student Advisor
  • Mrs. Milyar, Assistant at unit for student with disabilities at milyar@du.edu.om
  • Mrs Fatima Al Barami , Director students hostel support services email to: dshs@du.edu.om
  • Mr. Said Abood, Government formalities and visa Officer

Digital Support and Communication

Once your registration at DU is completed, you can refer to the Computer and Networking Center (CNC) help desk for issuing your DU computer network log-in credentials, email account and other related information. Simply visit MYDU and click on help desk.

Students with Special Needs

Believing in open opportunity, DU increasingly supports the right of students with special needs to pursue their higher education. Most of its premises are equipped with what make the learning journey by such students easier and enjoying as much as it can. Currently, DU can facilitate students with visual and physical movement impairments. Its endeavors to provide higher level of support to those students are continuous and has formed a special students’ club “Basmah” to create a supportive environment and to listen to their voice. For more specific inquiries, you can contact the Deanship of Admission, Registration and Students’ Affairs at +968 23237042 or by email to Mrs. Milyar at milyar@du.edu.om.


In order to help international students, integrate with the Omani culture and explore the lie in Oman the peer mentors periodically undertake a lot of activities filled with fun and excitement.
‘Ahlane’ – meaning welcome is a special event to welcome the international students by introducing the omani way of life and culture and the DU culture. Often followed by tour of the city and a slice of the history of Salalah. AS the “khareef season “ is still around the students have the first glimpse of the city and its surroundings.
“Khoboor” – meaning whats the new or how are you doing program takes a excursion trip to the mountains or “jabal” to explore the living ways in the mountain of Dhofar
Student clubs are another way to get going and immerse in the culture of the university. The various activities, both physical and literary helps international students integrate well in to the main stream and feel comfortable and at home.
SO get going and get in touch with the student’s cultural coordinator Ahmad Maroof at student affairs centre or email him –