Sports activities are vital for the wellbeing of students and are given due importance at DU. There is a separate section called “Student Activities Section” (SAS) in the Department of Student Affairs (DSA). DU has a full time “Sports Activity Officer” to guide and coach the students and sports teams; organise internal sports events; and arrange for participation in external sports events. Both indoor and outdoor sports facilities are made available on the University campus. Sports facilities and indoor fitness gym are also made available to students in the Ladies Hostel. The DSA identifies students’ talents, encourages them and provides them with opportunities to participate in various sports activities and competitions.

Sports Teams and Competitions

There is a “Sports Club” at the University level which functions under the guidance and supervision of “Sports Activity Officer”. The club aims at promoting sports activities at University and College level and also organizing inter college sports competitions.

DU and its Colleges have “Sports Teams” for various indoor and outdoor sports. Most prominent among them are Football, Basketball, Volleyball teams, Table Tennis and Athletics. These teams participate in Internal and external sports competitions, which include inter college, inter University and also national and regional level competitions.

Indoor Sports Facilities

Indoor sports facilities are available in the student affairs building and Ladies Hostel. These facilities include:

  • Table tennis
  • Billiards
  • Badminton
  • Carom
  • Chess

Outdoor Sports Facilities

Outdoor sports facilities are available at the University and Ladies Hostel. These facilities include:

  • Basketball
  • Volleyball
  • Football
  • Athletics

Swimming Pool

This facility is available at “Al-Saada Sports Complex”, which is a government owned multi-use stadium in Salalah, adjacent to the University campus. All DU students are eligible for “Youth Discount” at the complex and can avail of the facility throughout the year.

Fitness Gym

DU has well-equipped gymnasium in the Student Affairs Building and in Ladies Hostel. In addition, there are fitness club at University level and in the Ladies Hostel. These clubs aim to create awareness among students about being healthy and physically fit; and also cultivate a habit among them of having regular exercise to keep the body heathy, fit and in shape.

Other Sports Facilities

DU also provides facilities to learn horse riding to its students. Likewise, training facilities for learning karate and judo is available to all DU students. DU also arranges trekking for its students under the supervision of experts.