About Hostel

We are welcoming to the comfortable and secure dormitory designed exclusively for female students at Dhofar University. Our female dormitory is a vibrant and welcoming space where students can thrive academically, socially, and personally.

The dormitory for female students at Dhofar University is located on the university campus. The university provides housing for female students who come from far away areas for free and without any cash fees, only insurance fees for maintaining the housing. In addition, the student can get the amount back if her stay in the dormitory ends.

The housing consists of four buildings, each building can accommodate more than 300 female students, with the building containing the necessary facilities.

Furnished rooms, kitchens, laundry halls, study halls, and a TV-watching hall.

The residence includes a large hall containing a restaurant, a supermarket, a gym equipped with the necessary equipment, and a health clinic. There is also a garden between the buildings with spacious courtyards that allow female students to breathe and enjoy.

The university provides security and supervision services in the residence on a 24-hour shift system.

The management of university housing is supervised by the Director of the Student Housing Services Department, under the slogan of excellence in performance to reach the highest levels of quality and provide a quiet, clean, and safe environment for all female housing students that combines guidance, education, and care, and that it is suitable for female students’ residence to help them achieve academic achievement, security and psychological stability, and academic excellence.

Most Important Services

Staff Team:

Comprising qualified female employees dedicated to providing necessary support for students. The team operates on 24-hour shifts, ensuring a comfortable and secure living environment.

Medical Services:

The residence has a clinic equipped with the necessary medical equipment to ensure the provision of health for female students. Nurses are available on shift system 24 hours a day. There is also a free transportation service for health cases from the residence to the health center or Qaboos Hospital, as well as private clinics designated by the university.

Safety and Security:

Providing a safe environment is one of our most important priorities. Accordingly, the residence has been equipped with all security and safety standards, and an office has been allocated for female security guards on 24-hour shifts to follow up on the entry and exit of female students and to verify the permits and identities of authorized persons. There are also security guards (male) for the external gate of the university to provide the highest levels of security. For female housing students.


A dedicated permits office facilitates the entry and exit process for students, ensuring convenience and efficiency.

 Study Halls:

A specially equipped hall is designated to create an ideal environment for a focused study and enhancing academic achievement.

Sports Facility:

A sports facility, equipped with fitness gear, is provided, with a sports trainer available for training students for competitions and various activities to foster athletic talents.

Cleanliness and Maintenance:

A comprehensive cleaning staff ensures regular cleaning of all hostel facilities. In addition to a daily maintenance, general maintenance at the end of each semester, and emergency maintenance available 24/7.

 Internet and Communication:

Internet service is provided throughout the hostel, especially in students’ rooms. Additionally, each building has private phones, and a hostel fax is available.

Public Hall:

A large hall accommodating over 600 students is equipped with screens for entertainment, a restaurant, and a store selling food and student necessities.

Spacious Areas and Aesthetic Concerns:

Attention was paid to the psychological and aesthetic aspects. Thus, wide green spaces are landscaped, providing ample areas for students to gather, collaborate on projects, relax, and encourage social interaction, fostering a sense of belonging.


Entertainment is considered essential, aiming to strengthen bonds between students of different nationalities. Special entertainment events, diverse activities, educational and religious lectures throughout the year are organized under the supervision of the hostel’s supervisors, along with recreational trips.

Hostel Capacity

The residence consists of four buildings that can accommodate more than a thousand female students, and each room is prepared to receive only three female students and is equipped with beds, cupboards, desks, chairs, air conditioners, fans, and the Internet.

Residence Instructions

Every female student wishing to reside in university hostel is required to adhere to the instructions and regulations issued by Dhofar University’s administration. These include:

  • Completing the housing enrollment form, signed by both the student and her guardian. The form can be obtained upon arrival at the hostel.
  • The student’s guardian must fill out and sign a permission form for the six x authorized people, and the student will not be allowed to leave with anyone other than those authorized on the form signed by the guardian.
  • University female students residing in or outside the university housing are not allowed to be among those authorized to obtain permits for another female student.

General Rules and Regulations Inside University Hostel:

  • Commitment to daily signature (fingerprint) on time.
  • Adherence to the university’s designated schedules for departure and closure of housing during holidays and annual vacations.
  • Respect for all supervisors, nurses, security guards, and staff within the internal housing, dealing with them in a dignified and respectful manner.
  • Allowing the housing administration and supervisors to enter the female students’ rooms, if necessary, in accordance with the guidelines set by the administration.
  • Not leaving the residence or university except with authorized persons after the approval of the supervisor and obtaining an exit permit.
  • Receiving visitors from family and relatives at the permits office according to the dates set by the housing administration, based on the instructions of the female student housing services administration. Visitors are not allowed inside the rooms.
  • A female Students residing in university housing are not permitted to stay outside the residence after 8:00 PM unless required by academic reasons.
  • Adherence to bus schedules when going shopping, the health center, or traveling.
  • External food orders are not accepted after eleven o’clock at night.
  • Ensure calmness in the residence to create a suitable study environment.
  • Pay attention to cleanliness and arrangement daily according to the general form Preserving others’ belongings and not using them without prior permission.
  • Preserve colleagues’ tools and not use them without prior permission.
  • The student must commit to staying overnight in the room allocated to her, and she is not allowed to change it except with permission from the supervisor.
  • Notify the supervisor when malfunctions and damage occur within the rooms and public facilities, provided that the student bears the costs of repairing any malfunction resulting from misuse.
  • The student must keep the university ID card and be careful to carry it with her all the time, presenting it to the relevant authorities when requested.
  • All female students residing in university hostel must submit a copy of their study schedules to the supervisors at the beginning of each semester.
  • All female students must update their data in case they change the student’s phone number – or the phone number of her guardian or place of residence.
  • The student is responsible for maintaining her personal belongings and money, and the housing administration is not responsible for their loss.
  • In case of travel, the guardian must send a fax stating the student’s information and travel date one day before the specified date. Upon return, the guardian must inform about the student’s arrival date and time through a phone call to the supervisor one day before arrival.
  • A student who commits any act or statement that violates the hostel regulations during her stay will not be accepted back into the residence unless the guardian signs a written pledge to ensure that this act or statement will not be repeated.
  • At the end of the residence period (final eviction), the student must commit to vacating her room and handing over the custody to the competent supervisor. She must not leave the residence until all eviction procedures are completed.
  • Cooperation in rationalizing electricity and water consumption.
  • The student must adhere to any instructions issued by the university administration in the future.

Dress Code Regulations for Female Students Inside the University Campus:

In accordance with the university’s instructions issued in May 2018 regarding the dress code for female students on campus, the following rules apply:

  • All students have to wear appropriate apparel in accordance with the Sultanate’s customs and traditions.
  • Omani female students must adhere to the abaya and modest clothing, and that the abaya must not be transparent or cling to the body, and must adhere to the head covering (hijab). Care must be taken to cover the forearm and leg, and the clothing must be decent and not draw attention.
  • Non-Omani students have to wear decent apparel.
  • Students are allowed to wear special attire should that be necessitated by the task they are performing during lab sessions, or when they are in hospitals or on field trips.

Contact Information

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Hostel and permits officer23237584
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