Opening of the DU  Summer Academy 2023

Opening of the DU Summer Academy 2023

The Community Service and Continuing Education Center launched the (Summer Academy) program, which is a summer program targeting school students for grades (tenth – eleventh – twelfth) and extends from July 9 to July 31, 2023 and its philosophy is based on enhancing the university’s role in discovering and developing students’ talents and abilities by mixing education and entertainment with the availability of an educational environment that gives the student academic knowledge and refines his self-and creative skills, in addition to giving the student an opportunity to think, develop scientific trends and tendencies, and raise awareness of the importance of investing leisure time.

Amira Nasser Ahmed Al Yafei, Head of the Languages Department at the Community Service and Continuing Education Center, said that the content of this summer program in its first edition comes as a continuation of the vision of Dhofar University in applying the concept of lifelong learning, and provided a detailed explanation of the content of the Summer Academy and includes a three-dimensional educational package in the English language (Cambridge curriculum) in reading, writing, speaking and listening .As well as the field of information technology in terms of the use of computers, software and basic applications, in addition to students’ practice of practical applications within laboratories through workshops in the fields of electrical, civil and chemical engineering

Al Yafei added that the students of the Summer Academy will have the advantage of acquiring the ability, commitment and restriction of laws and regulations through the environment available at Dhofar University, and this is one of the aspects of preparing, developing, forming and strengthening personal abilities and skills to achieve future ambitions.