Solar Decathlon is an international competition created by the U.S. Department of Energy in which universities from all across the world meet to design, build and operate a grid-connected, energetically self-sufficient house.

The Solar Decathlon Middle East (SDME) was created by Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) and the Department of Energy of the United States of America. Twenty-two (22) teams from sixteen (16) different countries represented by renowned international Universities from around the globe participated in the event. The teams were selected by an International Jury after a rigorous technical review process which lasted more than three months.

SoLLite Salalah team from Dhofar University is the only team nominated from the Sultanate of Oman to participate in the competition. An official announcement of the selected teams was made on October 5, 2016 during the opening ceremony of the World Green Economy Summit 2016. It is an annual event held in Dubai in order to take stock of environmental sustainability and economy.

The Competition

The teams will compete over a period of two years by participating in ten sub-contests. The aim is to design and build a full-scale prototype house which is sustainable and energy self-sufficient.

Since October 2016, seventy-five (75) students from different disciplines of Dhofar University have been working on building a sustainable and energy-sufficient house. The work is done under the guidance and supervision of faculty members from College of Engineering.

Participation in SDME is a unique learning opportunity for students as it involves real-life application of various theoretical concepts learnt. During the two-year implementation phase the Solar Decathlon Project will develop capacity in education and training on sustainable architecture, integration of renewable energy sources in buildings and on the most innovative home automation systems for the management of the plant and its equipment. By the end of the two years of competition, the project will be exhibited in Dubai at the competition venue where a fully functional house will be available to public. Later it will be evaluated by an international jury on the basis of following ten (10) sub contests:

  • Architectural quality
  • Construction system
  • Energy efficiency
  • Interior comfort
  • Functionality of the equipment
  • Integration with electric mobility
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Use of vegetation
  • Technological innovation
  • Effectiveness in communication.

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Sollite Salalah Team Members


1Ibrahim Salim JadadInterior ArchitectureTeam leader
2Afaf Abdullmanan Al Jabli Interior ArchitectureSponsorship Leader
3Ibtisam salim AljahwriCivil engineeringEngineering Leader
4Asrar Seddiq Ba SeddiqGraphic DesignCommunication Leader
5Abeer Musallam Al AmriInterior ArchitectureManagement Team
6Esra Hafedh Al SarnajInterior ArchitectureEngineering & construction Team
7Maisa Sameer Rajab Bait SameerInterior ArchitectureEngineering & construction Team
8Tariq Ali Ba OmarInterior ArchitectureEngineering & construction Team
9Omaimah Said Bait BakhitInterior ArchitectureEngineering & construction Team
10Tafool Mahfoodh AlawadiEngineering ArchitectureEngineering & construction Team
11Shaima Awadh SaidGraphic DesignSponsorship Team
12Fatima Abdullah Al GharaibiGraphic DesignCommunication Team
13Samah Saed Al HajriInterior ArchitectureEngineering & construction Team
14Hamza Abdulmtlab Farah bit Ali JbraheelComputer ScienceSponsorship Team
15Maryam Talib Al-HaddadiGraphic DesignCommunication Team
16Hafidh Mohammed Ba OmarFinanceSponsorship Team
17Laila Said Al MaashaniEnglish literatureSponsorship Team
18Ali Badar Ali Al RawasInterior ArchitectureEngineering & Construction Team
19Aqeel Ahmed Al IbrahimComputer sciencesCommunication Team
20Farah Salim Rajab OjailiEnglish department Communication Team
21Fatima Alawi Al- HafidhInterior ArchitectureManagement Team
22Musallam Mohammed Musallam Jadad AlkathairiArchitecture EngineeringEngineering & Construction Team
23Marwa Salim BaRamiSocial workEngineering & Construction Team
24Khalid Abdul hadhi MohammedCivil engineeringEngineering & Construction Team
25Basma Subait Khalfan Al KindiFinanceSponsor Team
26Bahiya Mohammed MuqaibalInterior ArchitectureEngineering & Construction Team
27Kholoud salim al.amriEDUC in ENGL LanguageCommunication Team
28Osama Bashir Bait AbaidounComputer scienceSponsor Team

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