CTDHR at Dhofar University has completed the training of 113 administrative staff members.

CTDHR at Dhofar University has completed the training of 113 administrative staff members.

The Center for Training and Development of HR at Dhofar University has completed the training of 113 administrative staff members following the center’s training plan for the spring academic semester of 2022/2023.

The spring training courses included seven specialized courses aimed at improving the administrative and professional skills of the trainees. These included a course on developing administrative writing skills that covered the basics, skills, and rules of administrative writing, intending to enhance the effectiveness of administrative communication among the trainees. There was also a course aimed at enhancing administrative skills and corporate communication for department heads, which reinforced participants’ skills in these areas, focusing on acquiring time management skills, communication techniques, organizational skills, and customer service.

At the “administrative officer” level, there was a course on developing leadership skills and corporate communication, introducing concepts and principles of modern leadership theories alongside concepts of corporate communication and their relationship to effective leadership.

In terms of technical and informational skill development, developmental courses were held to increase participants’ effectiveness in Oracle Discoverer basics, to understand the core components of the software and its uses, in addition to designing a Microsoft Excel Intermediate level course to enhance skills in using Microsoft Excel, according to the Microsoft Excel Intermediate test. Furthermore, practical training on Oracle Discoverer Plus software was held in the area of performance indicator analysis to improve system user skills in creating custom performance indicator reports, understanding the minute details of the performance indicator database, and analyzing reports accurately and effectively. The development system also included practical training on the Oracle BI Discoverer program to acquire the ability to prepare advanced reports that assist in decision-making and dealing with complex, interrelated data and analyzing performance indicators.

Ghazi Al Rowas, the center’s acting director, confirmed that there is an ongoing project to analyze the training needs of positions and duties aimed at identifying performance gaps and improving the level of training programs provided, and developing them ideally in the future. He indicated introducing an advanced set of specialized courses in the coming academic year that will enable employees to acquire the necessary skills to achieve the required performance.

Al Rowas revealed a project to establish an electronic platform for the Training and Development Center to provide an effective and smooth training experience. This project will help identify areas that need training or development and then implement training courses designed based on specific training goals and needs. The electronic training platform will also contribute to creating reports that assist in tracking participant progress and measuring the effectiveness of training overall. It will play a central role in enhancing the training process and bridging the gaps in the required skills to improve work and performance. He added that the Center for Training and Development at Dhofar University aims to broaden learning and training horizons and exchange experiences through joint programs with reputable external training and educational institutions. It also ensures diversity and multiplicity of leadership, administrative, personal, and professional skills training programs for the university’s administrative staff.