Enhancing students’ leadership skills Virtual Student Counselling Center Workshop

Enhancing students’ leadership skills Virtual Student Counselling Center Workshop

The Student Counselling Center held on 1-3 August 2023 a virtual workshop through the Zoom program for students of the university and various higher educational institutions entitled “Enhancing students’ leadership skills”. The workshop was presented by Professor Nasser Said Abdul Rashid, Professor of Psychological Counselling, Director of the Center, University of Dhofar, and Dr. Mosleh Al Majali, Associate Professor.

Dr. Majali provided a detailed explanation of the concept of leadership and its definition and types and is it inherited or acquired reviewing the most important theories that defined leadership such as inspiration theory and other different theoretical frameworks.

It addresses the characteristics and attributes of leaders, how to develop, enhance and develop those characteristics and skills, as well as the requirements for successful leadership, and how students acquire skills and attributes that enhance their active leadership skills.

For his part, Prof. Nasser Said Abdul Rashid on aspects related to leadership skills and ways to enhance them in students. Indicating the basic skills of the leader from the ability to plan, define the vision, mission, change management and other basic skills that the leader must have. The workshop included a detailed elaboration of the influential leader’s pillars and leadership as personal attributes.

Leadership has been addressed as science or art and the different theoretical directions it has classified according to this framework, with many different models and examples enhanced and stimulating students’ leadership skills.