Induction Day

Induction Day

The Department of Public Relations and information, in cooperation with the Department of Heritage at the Directorate General of Heritage and Tourism in Dhofar Governorate, organized on Saturday 16th of September 2023, an introductory day in Dhofar Governorate and the Sultanate for academic staff members and their families, in which the beauty of the tourism scene blended with the depth of history and the fragrance of civilization, in light of its keenness and celebration of the new members of the academic staff at Dhofar University.

The starting point of the Frankincense Museum was represented in historical tourism to explore Omani history and evidence of civilization and the novel of frankincense, reviewed by an eloquent tongue shown Ahmed Al-Ansi, supervisor of the museum, where he roamed the audience in the memory of all the history of maritime Oman and the originality of trade for Oman and the Islamic dimension of that date, mixed with cultural and temporal dimensions of the frankincense trade as an economic and commercial dimension and how the export paths and ports of the countries of the outer ocean.

Taqa Fort was another stop for the journey that completed the narrative of travel and sailing in the features of Omani civilization, culture and heritage, while Darbat completed a painting of beauty of nature and creative creativity.

Ahmed Baomar, Head of the Public Relations section at the Department, confirmed that this introductory tour represents one of the tasks of the department for new members and all guests of Dhofar University in scientific forums and conferences, and it comes within a series of tasks and duties in receiving guests and hospitality and providing all facilities in housing and car rents with follow-up and supervision to conduct medical examinations, He added that the Relations Department is always working to take and follow up all observations on the reflection of the nature of these tasks on the beneficiaries through a questionnaire retrieved from the level of those services provided, and we thank God that the positivity came at the levels of all responses.

The delegation of the Academic Staff Orientation Day included Ahmed Baomar, Head of the Public Relations Department at the Department, and Public Relations Assistant Amer Jaaboub.