Movement and multiple activities In CSCEC

Movement and multiple activities In CSCEC

The Community Service and Continuing Education Center at Dhofar University organized, during the period (13-17 August 2023), a system of training workshops, as it witnessed on the fourteenth of August

A workshop on individual financial management presented by Haitham bin Salem Al-Hadhri, Lecturer at the College of Commerce, aimed at understanding the importance of the basics of managing personal money and setting personal financial goals while developing a line to achieve them, as well as realizing saving strategies and how to manage debt effectively. The workshop called for the need to explore tools and applications of financial technology to facilitate management Individual money and stand on the most effective ways of personal investment practices with diversified sources of income, which contributes to the development of financial planning skills for the future and retirement, Al-Hadhri indicated that the participants in the workshop acquired the knowledge and skills necessary to achieve financial stability and achieve personal financial goals, through conducting practical exercises and activities to apply financial concepts and develop skills, while benefiting from case studies and practical examples that clarified concepts and strategies, in addition to obtaining advice and guidance from a specialized financial expert.

The series of training workshops continued, where Nasser Muhammad Tabook, a lecturer in computer specialization at the College of Arts and Applied Sciences, presented through the cloud vision workshop, which was held on 8/15/2023, an explanation of the concepts of computer vision and highlighting the great importance that computer vision techniques play in a variety of applications. The processes such as image recognition, processing, and automatic classification, as well as providing an overview of the various techniques and tools used in the field of computer vision, enable an understanding of how to analyze and process images using these technologies.

Tabook revealed that the workshop achieved major goals in defining computer vision, its importance, the development of its field and applications, how to process and analyze images, techniques for improving them and removing noise from them, along how to extract information from them. What is expected in the field of computer vision and the extent of its impact on different fields

The tender continued in the two-day workshop on managing computer servers on the Internet (August 16-17), which was presented by Nasser Muhammad Tabook, and it included teaching the skills of hosting, renting, and managing servers on the Internet (the cloud). Games and others while reviewing the uses of servers in various fields, the lecturer provided a detailed explanation of understanding hosting and renting servers in terms of advantages and disadvantages, how and best practices to secure those servers and improve their performance with the design, implementation, and development of web applications

Tabook confirmed that the trainees in the workshop were able to understand the basics related to servers and how to host and manage personal websites