Office course for agricultural, fisheries and water resources employees at Dhofar  University

Office course for agricultural, fisheries and water resources employees at Dhofar University

On October 3, 2023, the Community Service and Continuing Education Center at Dhofar University completed the Office (Excel and Access) training course for employees of the General Directorate of Agricultural Wealth, Fisheries and Water Resources in Dhofar Governorate, which took three days under the supervision and implementation of Mr. Nasser bin Mohammad Tabook, lecturer in the Computer Department at the College of Arts and Applied Sciences at Dhofar University.

Sumaiya Al-Rawas, head of the community service department at the center, indicated that this course is part of a series of training courses that aim to upgrade performance and improve work efficiency within the university’s community environment, including institutions, bodies, and individuals. The system and its importance come from the sense that it motivates the ministry’s employees to conduct accurate agricultural calculations and analyze data related to crops and production. This enables us to identify trends, problems, and opportunities in the farm sector and create customized reports and graphs to display the data clearly and easily explain it to the public and decision-makers. This enables them to make decisions that support work efficiency and productivity.

The training course topics included introducing the importance of Access and Excel in managing databases and analyzing agricultural data, designing table structures and defining relationships between them, entering, editing, and searching data using Access, and creating queries to retrieve data and analytical reports.

Nasser Tabook, the training course instructor, added that the practical interaction of the course participants enabled them to understand the basics of databases and their analysis, how to build their tables, and provide them with the ability to enter and manage data in an effective and organized manner, while learning how to use (Access) queries and the basics of (Excel) to retrieve data based on different criteria and empower them. From creating custom reports to analyzing and visualizing data simply, which leads to enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of the employees of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Water Resources in organizing and using data to support the agricultural sector and making better decisions by collecting information and saving time for employees, which contributes to carrying out tasks accurately and more proficiently, and this available data constitutes an essential asset in strategic decision-making based on An analytical vision that will result in raising the quality of production in the directorate.