World Museum Day

World Museum Day

The Center for Community Service and Continuing Education in partnership with the Department of Social Work at the College of Arts and Applied Sciences organized on Thursday 18 May 2023 a student field visit to the Luban Land Museum. The visit was in observance of the International Day of Museums and in conjunction with the cooperation between Dhofar University and the General Directorate of Heritage and Tourism in the Governorate of Dhofar – the Museum of the Luban Land.

Dr. Nasser bin Abdullah Al-Sairi gave a lecture entitled “Mental health and Social Isolation”.

After walking around the Museum’s auditoriums, students took part in the museum competition, answering questions arising from their tour of the museum. A number of students won the competition, which may motivate students and visitors in general to preserve the heritage and its authenticity.

The visit concluded by viewing the angle of “optical illusion”, which gave greater impetus to the museum, which promotes the importance of museum visitation and activation events. This year’s slogan “Museums, sustainability and well-being”, whose mission states global health, climate action, life on Earth, and how to preserve it.

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