Dhofar University Opens Doors to Global Opportunities: DU-IAESTE Info Day

Dhofar University Opens Doors to Global Opportunities: DU-IAESTE Info Day

Dhofar University International Cooperation Office (ICO) organized the DU IAESTE Info Day on 7th November 2023. This event was aimed for third-year students from the College of Engineering, the Department of Management Information Systems of CCBA, and the Department of Computer Science of CAAS.

The event’s highlight was the insightful talks by DU’s very own students who had the opportunity to participate in the IAESTE training during July and August 2023. Hamdan AlKwily shared his experience at the Manipal Institute of Technology in India, while Abdullah Abdul Rahman shared about his time in Ankara, Turkey. The presentations from both students were equally inspiring. Both students emphasized how the IAESTE training opened a world of networking opportunities, shaping their professional futures. Both students discussed the challenges of interning abroad but also offered practical tips on overcoming these hurdles, making the session incredibly valuable for the future interns.

Hamdan AlKwily, DU student who participated in the IAESTE training in India: “The IAESTE training was an amazing experience. I learned so much about my field and had the opportunity to network with people from all over the world. I would highly recommend it to any student interested in international opportunities”. Abdullah, DU student who participated in the IAESTE training in Turkey: “The IAESTE training was a challenge, but it was also one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I learned so much about myself and my abilities. I would encourage any student who is considering applying to the program to go for it!”

Special guest Mr. Muadh AlZadjali, the Coordinator of IAESTE Oman at Sultan Qaboos University, attended the event virtually. He provided an overview of the IAESTE program and gave advice to the future interns. The international perspective was further broadened by Shahsvat, an incoming student to DU from the Manipal Institute of Technology. He attended the event virtually and shared his internship experience with Omantel, He talked about the accommodating environment for international students at Manipal, highlighting the ease with which they can integrate and excel.

Dr. Syerina Syahrin, the ICO Director, took the stage to explain the application process for DU students, emphasizing the significance of this opportunity for their career trajectories.

The Info Day was more than just an informative session; it served as a platform to address queries, dispel doubts, and hear first-hand experiences from peers. As part of DU’s ongoing commitment to fostering international opportunities, the next DU-IAESTE application cycle is scheduled between February and March of 2024. Students are encouraged to keep an eye out for IAESTE advertisements on the DU Website and DU student email, particularly between February and March 2024. All third-year students from relevant programs are encouraged to apply.