FP Open Day – 30th May 2023

FP Open Day – 30th May 2023

Dhofar University Foundation Program celebrated “FP Open Day” on 30th May 2023, showcasing the talents of FP students through various extra-curricular activities, in the presence of Dy. Vice Chancellor, FP Director, College Deans, Department Heads, Teachers, students, parents, and sponsors. The FP Administration, and English Club Committee members’ meticulous plan and coordination with FP students in selecting, mentoring and presenting the budding talents of FP on stage gained an awesome appreciation from the audience. By taking time off from the routine, FP Open Day provided an opportunity for the FP student community to come out of their shells to communicate with confidence.

The main event of the FP Open Day was a quiz program for FP students entitled “FP Knowledge Quiz”, wherein 4 teams of FP students (each team consisting of 4 students; 2 girls teams & 2 boys teams) exhibited their skills effectively on general knowledge, current affairs, and cracking audio and video challenges. At the end of an exciting 6-round quiz competition, the winning team got an opportunity to proudly hold the rolling trophy of the FP Knowledge Quest and radiated the spirit of student achievements and accomplishments in extra-curricular activities.

Moreover, the awareness skit by students motivated the student community to realize the importance of class attendance, exit exam, student responsibilities, the adverse effects of absence and WA.

In order to encourage the academic as well as extra-curricular achievements of FP students, FP Open Day celebrated students’ achievements by distributing appreciation/participation certificates with gifts to the outstanding students as well as winners of photographic contests and the masters of ceremony.

FP Open Day also gave the opportunities for students to participate in various games related to their study areas. To motivate the students to care for the community and the less privileged people, FP also organized a ‘bake sale’ encouraging students and teachers to bring a variety of delicious dishes for sale, and the proceeds were given to the organisation that cares for people affected with autism.

In short, the FP Open Day was indeed richly filled with a variety of extra-curricular activities for students and moments to recognize and appreciate their good work, which would send a positive message to the student community to strive more and achieve new heights in the future.