Training program (social intelligence and skills for winning friends)

Training program (social intelligence and skills for winning friends)

The Student Counseling Center organized a training program for students at Dhofar University on social intelligence and skills for making friends, presented by Dr. Zainab Badawi, a lecturer and trainer certified by the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation (MOHERI), and a consultant for mental health and behavioral therapies. A large number of university students from various specializations and colleges participated in it. It was on Wednesday and Thursday, corresponding to December 20 and 21, 2023.

Dr. Zainab discussed the concept and types of social intelligence and defined it as “the ability to deal with situations, win over others, and build strong relationships in society.” Its importance lies in building positive professional and life relationships that are healthy and strong in the life of the individual and society. She also talked about ways to acquire social intelligence skills with friends. Including dealing with a friend with flexibility and gentleness, respecting differences between friends, and searching for common bonds.

The first day included many activities that helped the students acquire many skills. The students also discussed the signs, manifestations, and characteristics of a socially intelligent person, such as empathy, understanding the feelings of others, dealing well with people, getting rid of toxic relationships, lack of arguments, and solving problems in constructive ways and purposeful and wise.

On the second day, she discussed types of friends, how to form new friends, as well as the art of dealing with them elegantly and ways to win them over. The workshop included many interesting exercises and exercises that the students performed. It also discussed some actions and behaviors that may lead to the end of friendships. The students were trained on different skills to win friends and maintain friendship.

At the end of the training program, the students discussed the aspects of benefiting from the program and their evaluation of the program.