Your turning point towards sustainable learning

Your turning point towards sustainable learning

Within the activities of the Student Counseling Center for the spring semester 2023/2024, Dr. Abdelkader Muhammad Elsayed, Associate Professor in the Department of Education, College of Arts and Applied Sciences, presented an awareness lecture entitled “An Enjoyable Semester that Achieves the Goals, “Your Turning Point towards Sustainable Learning on 21 of February 2024.”

Dr. Abdelkader Elsayed discussed the most important elements of sustainable learning, which are superiority, excellence, and self-esteem. He defined superiority as high achievement in a specific field of various fields. Thus, the student who excels academically is the one who rises in academic achievement by a significant amount above the average of his peers. He added that persistence and maintaining excellence leads to the student achieves the level of excellence, which the student achieves through hard work, diligence, and high ambition.

Dr. Dr. Abdelkader Elsayed focused on the keys to excellence and sustainable learning, including: ambition, individual self-confidence, hard work, diligence, and perseverance, and for the student to make the educational process fun on the path to success.

In conclusion, Dr. Abdelkader Elsayed presented a set of advice and guidance to the students, including: summarizing the lesson in various ways, such as planning and graphing, preparing a study schedule, rewarding the student after each study period, trying other methods of studying, asking teachers, and seeking help from the Student Guidance Center and the Support Center. Learning to help him prepare a study schedule.

In conclusion, Dr. Abdelkader Elsayed responded to the students’ inquiries, urged them to have a positive view of themselves, and added that successful people always have confidence in their abilities to succeed.