Roles and Responsibilities

The College Research Committee (CRC) helps to promote research at college level while FPRC is responsible for promoting Research in FP. Its roles and responsibilities include:

  • Promote research and research education within the University.
  • Advise, formulate recommendations and provide information to the University Research Board (URB) on research, research-education, policies, guidelines and procedures.
  • Advise and make recommendations to URB on University’s research operational and strategic plan.
  • Encourage faculty to submit a new research grant to TRC either individually or as a research group. It is desirable that these researches are within the “Oman Research Strategies”.
  • Be responsible for the planning and policy development relating to the improvement of the research activities.
  • Support and Encourage students to participate in Research projects with staff.
  • Support and Encourage faculty members or faculty Research groups to apply for internal research grants.
  • Reviewing the applications submitted by the faculty members for internal Research grants and incentive claims.

CRC & FPRC Members

Sr.NoNameCollege/FP Email IDExt.
1Dr. Eihab Bashier Mohammed BashierCollege of Arts & Applied
2Dr. Awadalkareem Ahmed AlhassanCollege of Arts & Applied
3Dr. Omar DurrahCollege of Commerce and Business
4Dr. Kavita ChavaliCollege of Commerce and Business
5Dr. Ahmed Mohammed ElzeinCollege of
6Dr. Faycal MahjoubCollege of
7Dr. Dusko KuzovicCollege of
8Dr. Umer FarooqCollege of
9Mr. Waqar Ahmed KhanFoundation
1Dr. Kavita Chavali-Chair Accounting & Finance
2Dr. Omar Tawfiq Accounting & Finance
3Dr. Ahmaruddin Mohammed Accounting & Finance
4Dr. Mansour Al Raja Management Information System
5Dr. Sarfraz Fayaz Khan Management Information System
6Dr. Omar Durrah Management & Marketing
7Dr. Asad Rehman Management & Marketing
Sr.NoNameCollege/FP EmailExt.
1Dr. Fethi Abbassi- Chair Mechanical Engineering 7319
2Dr. Najam UI Hasan Electrical & Computer Engineering 7335
3Dr. Md. Saiful Islam Mechanical Engineering 7486
4Dr. Hesham R. Tuwair Civil Engineering 7341
5Dr. Mohammad Shariq Khan Chemical Engineering 7347
Sr.No NameCollege/FP EmailExt.
1Mr. Waqar Khan - Chair Maths & IT Unit 7283
2Mr. Waqas Javed Khan Maths & IT Unit 7191
3Dr. Ramadevi Sakhamuri English Language Unit 7185
4Dr. Umamaheswara Rao Bontha English Language Unit 7190
5Mr. Syed Arshad Ali Maths & IT Unit 7282
Sr.No NameCollege/FP EmailExt.
1Dr. Mohammed Imran Khan 7412
2Dr. Imran Baig 7334
3Dr. Lakshmi Narayanan 7259